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1. Read the article in your readings on persuasion and watch the videos after the written material:

2. Find two examples of political advertising that demonstrate one or more of the persuasion techniques or principles. The political advertisements can be those created for TV or print (e.g., newspaper) or those posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. They can be contemporary (like from this current election cycle) or historical. In your write-up, please include a link of the ad (if it’s a video) or a photo of the ad.

3. Respond to the following questions for each of the political ads (write a paragraph for each political ad):

Which persuasion techniques did the ads apply? Were there multiple that you could identify?
Which persuasion techniques in the ads do you find to be the most effective? Why?
Which techniques do you find to be the least effective? Why?
Do you think that any of these election ads go too far? Why or why not?
Write a third paragraph, answering the following:

How much attention do you pay to political ads?
Out of the techniques described in your reading, which do you see used the most often in current political ads? Which do you see used the least often?
Do you think these persuasion techniques should be “fair game” in politics, or do you think they should not be used? Why or why not? (or under which circumstances?)
What do you think the line is between persuasion and propaganda? How can you tell, as a viewer of ads?

Health science

There was once a man who had never seen an eagle. One day a magnificent eagle landed on his windowsill, and when he saw it, he exclaimed, What an ugly creature! The man grabbed the eagle and pulled it into his house. First, Im going to fix that curved beak of yours. He used a file to remove the hook in the eagles beak. Those claws are vicious looking, the man said as he clipped the eagles claws until there was little left. When he finished, the man said, There, now you look better. And he put the bird back on his open windowsill and shooed it away. You can imagine how long the newly trimmed eagle lasted in the wild.


The man changed the bird drastically in this story. Without valuing the birds special qualities, the man altered the bird to what he thought would be better.


1)Think about the eagle for a moment. How important do you think it is for the eagle to have its claws and sharp beak?
2)Have you ever tried to change a person who is different from you?
3) Did the man know the importance of the eagles claws and beak? If he knew more about eagles, do you think he would have appreciated the eagle instead of changing it?

Business case study

TWITTER is the case study. I have attached the case report requirements on a word document and I have also attached a sample case report ” Nucor”, which you can use as a reference to write the TWITTER case study report.


Evaluate the marketing mix for a product

Evaluate the Marketing Mix for a product.
GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
Read the AHP company background.
Access the CSR database for AHP with tabs of information.
Choose one of the proposed new products for youth or the young adultadult (i.e., ages 2199) from the price tab to launch in August. Do some investigation as to the current marketing mix for the product you chose using the price tab information and evaluate the marketing mix as you ascertain it to be for the products.
        Determine the existing marketing mix (i.e., the four Ps) for the youth or young adultadult (i.e., ages 2199) version of the product line you chose.
        Evaluate the existing marketing mix. Are each of the 4 Ps what they should be based on the price tab new product information, the company scenario, your reading, and your research online?
        Choose a brands product that directly competes with your chosen AHP youth or young adultadult (i.e., ages 2199) product. Evaluate how the competitions products 4 Ps compare to your chosen scenario product line.
        Recommend improvements to the current marketing mix of the chosen AHP youth or young adultadult (i.e., ages 2199) product explaining your reasoning for each of the four Ps based on the market, competition research, and the price tab details on the CSR database spreadsheet.
        Support your contentions with data provided, your online research, and your readings.
In a minimum 500-word expository essay with additional title and reference pages in APA format and citation style, address the above checklist items and the following requirements.
        Use APA format and citation style and include additional reference and title pages.
        Limit the use of direct quotations; instead, paraphrase and cite the author’s work.
        Use Standard English and demonstrate superior organization; use communication that is highly ordered, logical, and unified.
        Use correct spelling and grammar.
        Reinforce your personal opinions with outside viable references and cite all works using APA citation style.
If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.
Minimum Submission Requirements
        Respond to all the checklist items in a thorough manner.
        Submit your response using correct English grammar and spelling.

Strategic business decisions power point 12 slides

Formulate strategic business decisions from a management, leadership and organizational design perspective.
In this Assessment, you will culminate one course outcome by demonstrating an ability to make strategic business decisions:

Strategy is often a complex puzzle that requires both leadership and management oriented decision-making, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Strategic thinking, in general, requires the understanding of intricate design structures and networks within an organization. Choosing the appropriate strategic approach can be a daunting task, requiring business acumen and professional competencies that leaders and managers possess, such as professional communication (verbal, written, body language), planning, organization, analysis, reasoning skills, persistence, time management, perseverance, and much more. To meet the challenges in this Assessment, you must be ready to use a combination of such professional competencies and business acumen to formulate strategic business decisions from a leadership, management and organizational design perspective. Essentially, you are analyzing a business to construct a business case.

To complete this Assessment, your professor will provide a list of industries and companies. You will choose two companies from the list that operate within one of the industries provided. You will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer (CEO) for one of your chosen companies, and the other company will be a major competitor. In a narrated PowerPoint presentation, your goal is to make strategic decisions from a management, leadership, and organizational design perspective by meeting the following criteria:

        Identify two companies that operate within the same industry from the list of industries and companies that your Professor has provided. You will assume the role of CEO for one of your chosen companies, and the other company will be a competitor that operates in the same industry with similar products. As the CEO, you will make strategic decisions from a leadership or a management perspective. Your audience is the executive management team of your organization.
        As the CEO, provide a thorough synopsis of your chosen company by introducing the brand, industry, products, target market, etc. Be sure to use leadership abilities to inspire your audience through your communication of this information.
        From a management perspective, provide a high-level synopsis of the organizational design of your chosen company.
        From a management perspective, provide a thorough environmental analysis on the state of your chosen industry and your companys market position within the industry.
        From a management perspective, analyze the financial condition of your chosen company.
        From a management perspective, conduct a thorough analysis on your competitor to explain its market position and competitive advantages within your chosen industry.
        Using strategic decision-making abilities, decide on which of the five generic strategies your company employs, and why this strategy works better than others for your company.
        From a leadership perspective, explain how your chosen generic strategy positions your company within the market by building competitive advantages against your chosen competitor company.
        From a management perspective, provide reasoning on the potential for your company to achieve competitive advantage in the market based on lower costs. If your company is not positioned as a low cost leader, explain why not. If it is positioned as a low cost leader, explain why it leads to sustainable competitive advantage.
        From a management perspective, provide reasoning on the potential for your company to achieve competitive advantage in the market based on differentiating the companys products from the offerings of rivals. If your company is not positioned as a differentiator, explain why not. If it is positioned as a differentiator, explain why it leads to sustainable competitive advantage.
        From a management perspective, provide reasoning on the potential for your company to achieve competitive advantage in the market based on being a best-cost provider. If your company is not positioned as a best-cost provider, explain why not. If it is positioned as a best-cost provider, explain why it leads to sustainable competitive advantage.
        From a management perspective, formulate and explain your companys offensive or defensive strategy to improve its market position in the next year.
        From a leadership perspective, design a plan to position your chosen company to be a first mover, a fast follower, or a late mover to ensure competitive advantage.
        From a management perspective, compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of extending your companys scope of operations via vertical integration.
        From a management perspective, determine the conditions that favor outsourcing certain value chain activities to outside parties for your company.
        Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed research resources (including your textbook) to substantiate your thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc.
Use as many concepts from Chapters 5 and 6 of your textbook to complete this Assessment as possible. You are the professional and will need to determine how many slides and how long the presentation should be to meet the requirements of this Assessment. You are capable of making such decisions at this level of your degree program. Take the initiative to be the problem solver and strategic decision-maker. Each slide should have a verbal narration and notes. Your slides should be professionally designed.

Be sure to review the Competency Assessment Checklist Rubric in order to understand the criteria on which you will be evaluated.
Minimum Submission Requirements
        This Assessment should be a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
        Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your presentation should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
        Your presentation must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.
        Your presentation should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
        Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
        A separate slide at the end of your research presentation should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use your textbook, the Library, and the internet for research.
        Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations were appropriate and reference all sources.  Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style. Review the APA formatting and citation style resources found in the Writing Center. The Writing Center can be found in the Academic Success Center in the Academic Tools area of your course.
If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.

zoo animals in captivity

final essay three is revising essay two that you wrote. I will attach the instructions. once i get a grade back and feed back, I will share it with you. I will also attached the essay you had written since this is a revised process.

Offender Rehabilitation – GLM vs RNR model

You should begin by identifying the underlying assumptions regarding the cases of criminal behaviour and core principles for each model. Necessarily, this review should include a discussion of the GLMs goods and the empirically identified risk factors associated with RNR. Your review should also include a discussion of the principles of intervention relied on by each model, as well as the outcome data. Outcome data refers to the empirical studies evaluating the effectiveness of each model.

Weekly Assignment 7

An influencer is someone who has built forth an audience, naturally and over time, and is viewed as an authority figure on a certain subject, area, or perspective in the online space. In addition, influencers have the presence and trust in their community to persuade audiences to take a specific action based on what they share. These individuals bring forth unique experiences, perspectives, and brand voices to the table, which makes it difficult to categorize each influencer in a consistent way.

For this assignment, you are asked to create a report on the top influencers (Please pick at least 2 influencers) for an established brand (airline, hotel, cruise etc) in the hospitality industry (Your client).

In your assignment, you will need to provide each of the following:

Current influencer marketing status. Provide an overview of the influencer relationship status (has the client done an influencer marketing plan before? What has worked and not worked in the past?).
Opportunities and challenges with influencer marketing. What are some of the challenges facing brands with influencers? What are some of the opportunities?
Goal and focus for influencer marketing. Why is it important to create this partnership? How does this tie to business, communication, and marketing objectives?
(Min 280 words)

(Please note that this assignment is connected with this week’s short quiz)

Visual Art and Observation of the Environment

In the words of A. Berleant,  “environments are not physical places but perceptual ones that we collaborate in making, and it is perceptually that we determine their identity and extent.” The starting point of aesthetic environmental education is precisely this phenomenal environment. Art, for its part, has a long tradition of studying the phenomenal environment.

Here we study the relationship between the human and natural worlds in art, as well as the techniques artists use to convey ideas, by exploring images and how they invoke psychological/emotional connection to the natural world.

Using Google or any other search engine, locate an image of your choice and discuss how the image works to present an argument for emotional connection/relationship with nature/natural world.

Think of ways in which nature is represented in art/image/sculpture and the its effect as you write.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Several excellent videos are available to expand your understanding of the socialization process and children with special needs. The goal of this assignment is for you to see how socialization and children with special needs work together. Choose one video from the video list which is of interest to you. After viewing the video, prepare a written report, which includes:

1 Using your own words, a brief summary of the video (less than 1 page) including information on the main characters and the storyline. (5 points)
2. Explore the role of the parent or primary caregiver had in the childs life. What aspects of their role were different than for parents of children who develop typically? What strengths and weaknesses did you see in their relationship with their child? (10 points)
3. What struck you about the child with the special need in the video? From viewing this video, what ideas do you want to remember about children or adults who have a special need? Explain your answer with specific examples. (10 points)
4. Based on your personal experiences with individuals who have a special need, describe your experience. Be sure to include the agents of socialization of family and school. Is there a special need that you want to explore or have more experience with? Be specific in your answer. (15 points)

Follow the writing format for this assignment. Note the video title, director, and release date near the top of the first page. This paper should be approximately 3 pages in length.

REMEMBER: No assignments will be accepted after their due date. All assignments are typed and double-spaced. All assignments will be submitted in Canvas using the assignment tool.


Simon Birch

Searching for Bobby Fischer

My Left Foot

Mr. Hollands Opus

The Other Sister

Little Man Tate

The Brooke Ellison Story



Temple Grandin