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Culturally Competent Nursing

For this assignment, you will interview a person from a cultural background that is different from your own. Using the twelve domains of culture from the Purnell Model, discuss the health practices of that culture and compose a scholarly paper in a Microsoft Word document of 5 pages formatted in APA style.
In your paper, you should include the following:
Select a person from a cultural group different from your own. You may choose a patient, friend, or work colleague. For the sake of confidentiality, do not reveal the name of the person you interview; use only initials.
For the person you select, complete the cultural assessment using questions 1 through 12 from the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence.

On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.

Health Belief Model

In the summary part, please summarize what you read and do not include your personal opinions and thoughts here. In the critique part, write the strengths and weaknesses of the article you read. You should include your personal thoughts and suggestions to support strengthens and weaknesses in the critique part. The SUMMARY PART MUST BE OVER 700 WORDS and the CRITIQUE PART MUST BE OVER 1,000 WORDS.

(very strict): 1-inch margins, SINGLE SPACE PLEASE, no line space, 12-point Time New Romans, and no cover page/no name