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Discussion board post 100 words

In chapter 5, Grazian explains the work of Howard S. Becker (1982) who observed that we often distinguish between two kinds of cultural creativity closely identified with one another; arts and crafts. Arts and crafts, according to Becker, both require aesthetic skill and judgement, with art being a production of one’s individuality, creativity, and unique vision, and craft being a service for a paying client or consumer. However, it is further argued that these activities are different only because they are infused with alternative meanings shaped by their cultural context, and in some cases, craft becomes art and art becomes craft.

For this discussion, please give an example of either “craft becoming art” or “art becoming craft” and provide it here (Grazian gives quite a few examples – feel free to use google or youtube to find other examples and provide links/photos, or provide an example from something you’ve seen or experienced – in a museum or commercial, perhaps). Provide an explanation of how your example is illustrative of the concept you chose.

Leadership Theories Essay

Leadership Theories Essay:

1.    Research two of the Leadership Theories.

2.    Based on those theories, evaluate how you would like to improve your own leadership skills.

Guidelines to the Essay:

a.    The essay should begin with an introduction to the topic.
b.    Organization should be logical, clear, and appropriate.
c.    You should provide strong evidence of critical thinking.
d.    Essay should end with a conclusion statement to support your essay.

** Need two (2) peer-reviewed, academic sources no more than 5 years old minimum**