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Critical Thinking Questions:


Critical Thinking Questions:

1.) Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative research and describe a sample situation in which each would be appropriate. 

2.) Explain the difference between random sampling and convenience sampling. Give an example of when each type of sampling would be feasible and appropriate. 

3.) Explain the difference between closed-ended and open-ended survey questions.

4.) What kinds of reports do you expect to write in your chosen profession? Why? Explain what would be the purpose of the report.

5.) Point out the problems in the following sample survey questions.

a. How often do you shower?

b. ( First question in a phone survey ) Which Democratic candidate do you favor, Jean Adams or Seth Rubins?

c. Do you consider the ideal pay plan to be one based on straight commission? Or straight salary?

d. How much did you pay for clothing in the past 12 months?