Category: Natural science


Based on Chapter 1 reading and lecture, answer the following questions based on the image of Earth at the beginning of the chapter (p. 2).

1) Which of the Earth’s environmental spheres are evident in the image?  For each sphere identified, you must include specific examples from the image.  In other words, just stating hydrosphere, for example, is not enough.  What evidence is there that suggests the hydrosphere is present in this image?
2) Based on the circle of illumination, is it late afternoon or early morning in Spain?
3) What might cause the different colors of the ocean areas AND the colors of the land areas?
4) What relationship might exist between the color of land surfaces and the presence or absence of cloud cover?
Each question must be included with its corresponding answer. 

After reading Chapter 1 and watching the narrated lecture, discuss why physical geography is considered a science.  Your initial post must be in your own words and at least 5 sentences; free of spelling and grammar errors.