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The article that I read was Building a better Employee experienced by the Wall Street Journal


The article that I read was Building a better Employee experienced by the Wall Street Journal. To sum up the article employees need to come up with new kinds of job experiences to make everyday life for their employees more enjoyable, engaging and mobile-enabled. For newer companies this is no easy task. But never the less the employer needs to respond in a proactive way to keep and retain the best and brightest talent. Progressive companies are rethinking the way they are of normal business and approaching their employees with pulse feedback tools, wellness apps, self-service technologies, and more. The goal in all this is to give the employees a voice. In the past employers have tried to approach employee engagement, HR managers this was the moral killer because it disconnected the everyday employee and employer relationship and the daily understanding of each other. The contemporary new age employee looks at something differently. For them, everything that happens at work is part of an integrated experience that shapes daily life, including their overall physical, emotional, professional, and financial well-being. (WSJ) The push for all this change is designed to give daily line mangers the tools they need to give a holistic approach to the company at large. The WSJ said, "A holistic approach to the employee experience hinges on ongoing feedback and analytics to HR HR teams and line leaders understand more fully what talent they employ and how to increase employee's values" Along with these new HR feedback tools have developed other engaging applications to keep employees impowered. These include: Productivity and collaboration communication applications, Well-being applications, and Employee self-service platforms. By leading the design and integrating new enabling tools for employees, HR managers, HR departments, and line managers companies can set up a sustainable healthy environment to help keep talent and reward employees for their engagement and feedback and dedication to the company. 

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Applying Teaching And Learning

At least 600 words excluding title and ref page  

As you have learned in this course, teachers serve as role models and your conduct, both on and off the job, can significantly impact your professional image.  In this project, you are to research ways to protect yourself from false accusations, and write a 2-page reflection page.  Read the short piece ( from Northwest Professional Educators.  The article identifies 14 steps a teacher should take to limit opportunities for allegations of misconduct. 

For each of the 14 steps, you are to:

· Identify the possible violation

· Identify the standard of professional behavior the action violates

· Provide justification for your selection of the standard

Rubric Attached 

You can use these links and others in your reseach

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Current Events Crisis Analysis Essay

Current Events Crisis Analysis Essay

This paper should be written in an APA-Style format.

Your paper will be evaluated on the following:

 Content

 Grammar

 Structure and mechanics

 Relevance to the topic(s)

***Each essay will be submitted to, via the Dropbox link in


Current Events Crisis Analysis: This assignment requires students to identify and

examine a current example of a crisis taken from the news. Students will analyze various

elements for consideration and apply course concepts. Students will critique the

company/individual in terms of what was done well and what perhaps could have been

orchestrated better and why.


Write about a company or industry that has faced or currently faces a crisis (or that is

grappling with an issue which threatens to become a crisis.)

Include the following components: 1) analyze the underlying causation); 2) a stakeholder

analysis; 3) review what the organization did in response, and 4) evaluate its

effectiveness and determine whether other approaches might have been taken.

You should do an analysis rather than a description. In addition, you should include

documentation of source material. Finally, whichever sort of topic you choose should be

of real interest to you.

Length: 3-5 pages (it’s expected that you employ sources, attributions and bibliography.) Be sure to provide informed and thoughtful answers to all of the guideline suggestions/questions.

Style: APA Format (


I. Define the organization and its crisis / potential crisis. II. Crises develop in four stages: Warning (detection, prevention, preparation), Point-of-

no-return (containment), Cleanup (recovery), and Back-to-normal (learning). What

stage(s) apply to this crisis?

III. Who do you think is in charge of managing the crisis?

a. What are their highest priorities?

b. What are their motives behind their decisions?

IV. Attempt to define the stakeholders and their concerns.

a. What are the communication strategies?

b. What are the messages?

c. Are there any inconsistencies between early response and later response?
d. Did the organization utilize any intermediaries to help manage its relationships

with stakeholders?

V. Evaluate the organization’s responses.

a. Restores trust? Damaging? Honest? Explanatory? Plain speech vs. technical

speech? Deflects or invites participation of those affected to seek solutions?

Ignores, meets or exceeds stakeholder expectations?

b. Were concerns dismissed? Was blame cast elsewhere? Were mistakes

acknowledged? Sympathetic? Were public apologies made?

VI. In your opinion, how well was the organization prepared for this crisis? Explain.

VII. If an organization’s reputation has been damaged, how might it be restored?

VIII. Can you detect or predict any potential benefits from this crisis?

**Submit your paper to TURNITIN.COM and Grademark Through the

Blackboard Dropbox Link**

 Review the detailed Turnitin instructions on how to submit your assignments and

how to review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor.

 All written assignments must be submitted to Turnitin Dropboxes by the posted

deadline. Assignments submitted by any other means will not be accepted.

 Turnitin drop boxes will be available within the Assignment Dropbox link off the

course tools menu on the left hand side of the page within Blackboard.

 Within one week after the assignment’s deadline has passed, you will receive

written feedback on your assignment. The written comments on your assignment

are accessible using the GradeMark function within your assignment submission.

 Late Submissions must be uploaded in the appropriately labeled “Late Drop Box”

by the posted “Late Assignment Deadline”. Late submissions are only eligible for

a maximum of 50% of the assignments original point value

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Compare/contrast the theories of utilitarianism and categorical imperative

Please pick 3 of the follow questions and answer in essay format. Each response must be a minimum of one page each. Thus you should be turning in a minimum of 3 full pages double spaced.

  1. 1. Compare/contrast the theories of utilitarianism and categorical imperative.

2.2. Compare/contrast the theories of divine natural law theory and social contract theory.

3. 6. Do you think that there is one ethical theory that better answers most ethical issues than others? If so which one and why? If not could there ever be one and how?

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Academic Research Essay Outline

Academic Research Essay Outline

Topic: You may choose your topic so long as it specifically relates to law, society, &/or justice.  The only topics you may not write about are abortion, death penalty, or marijuana.

Part 1: Outline the Following Preliminary Ideas for Your Essay:


I.               Thesis statement- A one-sentence, overall argument that you assert or your take-away message—a “should”-type statement.

II.             A topic sentence for your background information paragraph.  This sentence should convey the overall meaning of the paragraph.

III.            A “reason” topic sentence.  A reason provides a “why” or “because” the thesis statement is true.  This sentence states the overall meaning or concept that will be covered in the paragraph.

IV.            Another “reason” topic sentence.  A reason provides a “why” or “because” the thesis statement is true.  This sentence states the overall meaning or concept that will be covered in the paragraph.

V.             Another “reason” topic sentence.  A reason provides a “why” or “because” the thesis statement is true.  This sentence states the overall meaning or concept that will be covered in the paragraph.

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Reagan Challenger speech (USE APA)

Reagan  Challenger speech (USE APA)


What was the purpose of this speech? Do you believe the speaker achieved this purpose?

What was the occasion of this address? How did the specific constraints and resources of the place, day, and circumstances help shape the speaker's remarks?

Who was the audience for this address? What common traits did the audience share? In what way did the speaker adapt the speech to this particular audience?

Briefly research the background of the speaker. How did the speaker overcome the constraints and use the resources of being who he was in this situation?

What types of supporting material and reasoning did the speaker use in this address? Provide examples from the speech of the types you find.

What cultural values and beliefs did the speaker appeal to in the address? Provide examples from the speech to support your observations.

Drawing on one of the methods of rhetorical criticism discussed in this lesson, evaluate the speech.

Your response should be 500-750 words.

You are expected to use scholarly (peer reviewed) sources in your research. These include academic journals and books. In particular, find a scholarly article that helps you use the advance method of rhetorical criticism that you have selected in developing your analysis of the speech you have chosen. Use at least 2 scholarly sources in preparing this assignment. Newspapers, available online, can provide supplemental information, particularly with recent speeches that you will analyze, but only use newspaper articles that were written around the time of the speech; articles written much later tend to be historical appreciations. Many government and non-government agencies no longer publish official reports on paper, but their documents are available online as primary sources. Other webpages, especially social media, blogs, and news aggregators, lack the editorial review oversight that makes published information reliable, useful, and acceptable. Wikipedia can help you orient your academic search, but it is not a scholarly source.

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Inherent Risk and Materiality

Task 2) – Inherent Risk and Materiality


Part a – Perform the following tasks and document them in the ABC Risk and Material Memo Template Word document.

· Preliminary Inherent Risk Assessment – Review the description of ABC Appliances, Inc. and identify four entity-level inherent risks based on the information provided. I have listed one potential inherent risk area as an example and you need to add four more to the list. Inherent risks can flow from client's business risks, the nature of its governance structure, and its strategic plans. However, you need to be clear about how your risks create an increased risk of material misstatement in the financial statements and not just how they might create risks of lower operating or business performance for the firm. 

Thus, for each inherent risk, describe the feature of the firm you believe affects inherent risk and explain how and why. By "how," I mean whether it increases or decreases inherent risk. Make sure your "how" addresses a specific risk to the accuracy of the financial statements and whether audit effort should be increased or decreased for specific accounts or related groups of accounts if possible. 

Limit your inherent risk analysis to the following sections of the case:

· Description of Firm and Market Conditions

· The Control Environment (only identify issues related to inherent risk)


Part b. covers risks identified using analytical procedures based on the financial data. You will be asked to identify transaction process risks associated with sales and purchases in another task.

· 1. Preliminary Analytical Procedures – Review ABC Appliance's financial statements, ratios, and industrial data presented at the end of this document. Identify four accounts that you believe need additional audit scrutiny and explain why. I have included one example – and you will need to add four more to the list.  Copies of ABC's audited 2014 and unaudited 2015 financial statements are included after these requirements. Some common ratios for ABC and their industry are also included. 

· 2. Preliminary Materiality Judgments– Set two preliminary materiality dollar amounts for the ABC audit – one for the balance sheet and one for the income statement. Document how you calculated your materiality amounts and explain why you chose the approach you did. There are many sources of materiality level judgments for audits in websites on the internet. You can select the approach that you like – remember that you need to explain the approach that would be best for ABC. Remember that the materiality level sets the level for transactions that an auditor will look at; below that level the auditor may not look at the transaction unless there is a high risk for that particular type of transaction.


Completed ABC Inherent Risk and Materiality Memo Template file containing the results of your inherent risk assessments, preliminary analytical review, and materiality level determination.  

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Week 4 DQ

Instructions: Each question has to be; coherent and cohesive, a minimum of 200 word answer for each question and you have to cite one sources. Make sure your number each answer that goes with the question.  This is a Project Quality Management Class.


1. What are some difficulties encountered in project control? How might the information required by a project control system be collected?


2. How might the information collected through the control system be used on subsequent projects? How does the control of creative projects differ from the control of ordinary projects? 


3. What are some ways to assure breadth of communication in a project? 


4. Do you think socialization off the job helps or hinders the progression of a project? Explain your answer. 


5. One of the basic elements of informal project management is trust. How does trust figure into a team? 


6. If trust is lost, how might the team regain that trust and continue its mission?


7. What concepts relating to influencing and controlling projects are most important to grasp and how do they relate to project management?


8. Reply to this DQ posting of another student:

According to Lewis (2011), "if you are going to control a project, you need to know two things: where you are supposed to be, and where you are" (p. 331).  One of the problems we had in my former office was in getting timely information regarding the status of the various parts of a project.  Sure, we had our weekly status meetings with the contractor.  However, the information/status was as of a previous date…usually the week prior.  So, by the time we learned of it, we were hearing old news.  As long as everything was running smoothly, this wasn't a problem for us.  However, when there were unexpected challenges, then it required us to make several phone calls.  The project manager on the contractor side was good about keeping the government side informed of any problems, and they did rather well.  Still, I can't help but feel there was just a bit of reactionary mode being exhibited by those on the government side.  Maybe the best value for their money was to just pay someone else to handle the work????




Lewis, J. P. (2011). Project Planning, scheduling, and control. (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Question And Analysis – Strategic Finance

1) Chapter 7: Questions and Exercises: 7.15 (p. 571):


7.15 Valuation of Derivatives. Financial reporting classifies derivatives as (a) speculative investments, (b) fair value hedges, or (c) cash flow hedges. However, firms revalue all derivatives to market value each period regardless of the firm’s reason for acquiring the derivatives. In addition to increasing or decreasing the derivative asset or liability, the revaluation amount either affects net income immediately or it affects other comprehensive income immediately and net income later. For each type of derivative, describe where firms report the revaluation amount on the financial statements.


2) Chapter 8: Questions and Exercises: 8.11: a (p.657):

8.11 Equity Method for Minority, Active Investments. U.S. GAAP requires firms to account for equity investments in which ownership is between 20% and 50% using the equity method. Ace Corporation owns 35% of Spear Corporation during 2014. Spear Corporation reported net income of $100.4 million for 2014 and declared and paid dividends of $25 million during the year. Support your answers with calculations.

  1. Calculate the equity income that Ace Corporation reports in 2014 related to its ownership in Spear Corporation.

3) Chapter 9: Questions and Exercises: 9.2 (p.736):


9.2 Revenue Recognition. Revenues are at the core of a firm’s ability to grow and prosper; thus, they are central to the analysis of a firm’s profitability. Although the time-of-sale method is the most common technique employed to recognize revenues, in some instances, a strong argument can be made for recognizing revenue before the product has been completed and delivered. Discuss circumstances in which this scenario is appropriate.

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artwork of Pablo Picasso “The Guitarist” (1965) art paper

Richland College

Final Paper: Jean Metzinger's Le Port (The Harbor)

Fall 2017 – Sections (81007, 81011, 81012)

Mr. Jason Hose, MA Art Education




Brief Artist Biography

Jean Metzinger was born on June 24, 1883 in Nantes, France. He was the eldest

son of Eugène François Metzinger and Eugénie Louise Argoud. The Metzinger's were a

relatively famous military family due to Jean's great-grandfather's experience serving

under Napoleon Bonaparte. However, Jean's mother had hopes that one day he would

become a medical doctor. Unfortunately, after the untimely death of his father, Jean

threw himself into his studies. He pursued interests in mathematics, painting, and music.

By the year 1900, Jean was enrolled as a student at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in

Nantes where he apprenticed under the portrait painter, Hippolyte Touront. It was not

long before Jean moved to Paris using the money had made selling three of his

paintings, and by the time he was twenty years old, he was successfully supporting

himself as a professional painter. He exhibited his art regularly around Paris, and by

1906 Metzinger had officially made a name for himself. Jean Metzinger would continue

to prosper and evolve throughout his career and become known as one of the foremost

painters in cubism.

Introduction to Le Port

I chose Metzinger's Le Port (The Harbor) for a couple of reasons. The first being

that I thought the vertical panels were unique. It was something I had not seen before

(surprisingly) either in cubism or in abstract art. For me, it drew me in because it was a

fascinating example of cubism that wasn't totally lost to the abstract realm. Le Port,

although a cubist painting, is still a landscape: sharing the same moment from different

angles of the same port spread out across several panels. The second thing was his

use of color. Overall, the painting feels somewhat bleak and industrial, however, the use

of red and white paint really made this piece of artwork “pop” for me and make it feel as

though it were still abstract and relevant.



Section I Description

Le Port was painted in 1912 which was at the height of Metzinger's cubism period.

The painting itself is rather large, and the canvas dimensions are 33 ½ x 39 ½ inches.

Metzinger also used oil paints for this artwork – a popular choice among his peers. The

painting is split into six vertical segments each depicting a different scene of the same

industrial harbor from different viewpoints. The images depicted in each segment

include buildings and warehouses, sailboats, commercial ships, bridges, sky and ocean

water. Metzinger uses a variety of lines, ranging from sharp to thick, straight to curved,

and horizontal to vertical and diagonal in order to create shapes and bring this painting

to life. His use of color in this painting is reminiscent of cubist painters because they

vary from cool, warm, and neutrals shades with bright pops of color to enhance various

elements of the painting. The same can be said about his use of shape and texture. The

painting is crowded to the very edges of the canvas with geometrical shapes which

Metzinger emphasizes by adding texture using color.

Section II Analysis

Le Port can be analyzed as a whole or within its segments which is another thing

I found interesting about this painting. It's almost like the viewer is able to see multiple

paintings or only one. Each segment contains a small glimpse of the bustling harbor

which contains various hints of buildings, ships, bridges, sky and water. It is an

intriguing arrangement because it gives the viewer multiple perspectives of the same

location, perhaps at the same moment or different times during the day or even different

times in the year. Some perspectives are far off and distant, whereas others are up

close and fill the entire segment. Metzinger uses a mixture of squares, rectangles, and

triangles to depict his harbor scene, and it works quite well in the abstract sense. There

is a sense of mechanical-ism among the shapes that are somehow relaxing. The artist



also uses darker colors as well as neutral colors to maintain a gloomy feel about the

scene, but it is important to note that he also adds stark whites and vivid reds

throughout the painting to create a sense of balance and contrast. Instead of using

leading lines, Metzinger uses various angles of the bridges at the top of the painting to

help lead the viewer across the painting, taking in each segment as if they were reading

a book. It is an interesting tactic because the viewer is able to view the painting from left

to right and top to bottom.

Section III Interpretation

It is not always easy to interpret an artist's motive for a piece of artwork,

especially when it comes to cubist or abstract painters, and Metzinger's Le Port is no

exception. Metzinger is known to have painted other harbor and sailboat type paintings,

however this painting is different. In a sense it is mechanical, by breaking up the

painting into segments and painting specific aspects from the harbor, we are able to see

the everyday functions of the port. Why would he choose to do that? One reason I can

think of after reading more about the artist and his work, is that he was obsessed with

the idea of bringing cubism and reality together. He didn't believe that natural forms

should be completely obscured by abstraction, and instead he committed his work to

marrying the two elements together to create balance and harmony.

Section IV Judgment

Upon first inspection, Le Port seems to be a relatively straightforward painting.

We see a bustling harbor, and it is the perfect description of turn of the century

industrialism. When I first looked at this painting, I was immediately drawn to the artist's

depiction of its commercialism because it is brooding, industrial, and cramped. It is not

an image I could imagine myself relaxing to because some elements are a bit jarring

like the use of dark colors and sharp, angular shapes. And yet, even though I can



almost sense the hustle and bustle of the moment, it is still somehow calming. I think it

is because there is so much to look at within it, and that is another reason why I like this

painting I really appreciate that the artist took great care in finding an equilibrium

between a realistic form and abstract art, and in my opinion it is very well done. I could

I do not know what to do.

"Good art"!

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