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Rhetorical Analyze Essay Draft

To prepare this draft, 

  1. Get approval of your chosen article/text from Cristin immediately!
  2. Complete the Preview the document for your article/text.  
  3. Use the Preview the document & Preview the document to help you draft the correct sections of this assignment. 

Your draft must include all sections listed in the assignment ( intro, analysis with sub heading for strategies (at least three) and appeals (at least two), & conclusion.  Use headers for these sections, please!  

4. Please use these other specific resources to help you write a good, solid draft of the RA assignment

a) the assignment in the packet (pg 91+)

b) the peer review questions (pg. 100)

c) model analysis paragraphs (pg 98)-   include all 4 relevant parts of body paragraphs

1) Topic sentence,

2) brief definition of strategy or appeal,

3) specific examples quoted frm your text including pg and paragraph ref (should be able to show 2-3 exps), and

4)  a discussion of the effectiveness of the strategy for this purpose/audience.  #4 is most often done poorly in early drafts!  Try your best! 

d) example analysis paragraphs pg 98 

e) page 16, 23, 25 & 86