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Shifting Views of America

Create a timeline of 7-12 milestones in art and architecture that illustrate the transition from the Gilded Age to the era of the Ashcan artists. Each work selected for your milestones must be accompanied by a 90- to 175-word description addressing the following:

  • How is your milestone reflective of society of the late 19th century?
  • How is your selected work representative of either the Gilded Age, or the early modernist era as embodied by the Ashcan School?
  • What is the subject or theme of your selected work? How is this theme representative of American society?

You may submit your timeline in a Word document, PowerPoint®  or use another tool such as Timetoast or Timeline JS.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.

Help-Hyatt Organization Structure

A common approach for assessing an organization’s structure is examining organic and mechanistic characteristics. This assessment tool has been used by researchers and others who study organizational behavior. (Dust, Resick, & Mawritz, 2014). Thinking about your current organization or an organization familiar to you, assess its current structure based on the mechanistic and organic approach. Create an organizational diagram that accurately depicts the current organizational structure (using PowerPoint or another drawing tool). On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your perception of the following characteristics:

  • Mechanistic vs. Organic
  • Task Role: Rigid or Flexible
  • Communication: Vertical or Multidirectional
  • Decision Making: Centralized or Decentralized
  • Sensitivity to Environment: Closed or Open

After completing your analysis, prepare a brief summary analyzing your results and determine whether you were surprised by your responses. Support your response with examples. Then, identify which aspects of your organization’s structure you would change. Create an updated organizational chart that accurately depicts the new organizational structure and explain why and how this new design reflects an improvement of the organization’s ability to meet its goals. End your paper by explaining how management might assess whether the proposed new organizational structure is working as intended after 6-12 months. What key performance indicators would you measure and why?

Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 4-5 pages, not including title and reference pages

Critical Analysis Essay How to Detect Media Bias

Read Chapter 12—How to Detect Media Bias and Propaganda in National and World News.
Find a current event related to a social issue of your choosing (no older than a few months) that was widely covered by the media. Access this link for additional help and click on Module 5 Assignment:
Choose two different news articles from two different media sources. Write an essay comparing and contrasting your two sources.
Clearly identify the author, title of article, and the name of publication. Take notice of the type of article: local, national or international news story, editorial, or column, for example.
Identify the main claim and supporting reasons or premises of your article.
Analyze the logic of the article according to the critical analysis tools we have been studying throughout the course, including identifying fallacies and rhetorical devices. Try looking deeper into the news coverage to discern the significant information that is omitted, and if the evidence is viable. Discern the logic of the arguments in each specific news article. Be alert to determine if there are rival causes and if the evidence is deceptive. Consider what significant information is omitted or if other reasonable conclusions are possible.
Sources and Citations: In addition to the two news articles, find and cite two scholarly sources to back up the claims and conclusions of your analyses. Feel free to use the readings from the course. The CSU-Global Library is another good place to find your sources. Remember to include all the sources that you used, including the newspaper articles, in an APA-formatted reference page.
Your paper, including citations and references, should be 4-5 pages in length, well written, and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.
Review the grading rubric for this assignment, which can be accessed in the Module 5 folder, to understand exactly how you will be graded. Reach out to your instructor if you have questions about the assignment.

Business Organization Analysis :Study Question

Answer this question :

Please reference and cite all your sources in accordance with the APA style. No plagiarism

  1. What is culture? Define organizational culture and describe its levels and functions and how a culture creates a climate.
  2. How can you read an organization’s culture?
  3. Distinguish among a sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  4. Explain how a corporation is formed and it can be dissolved

organization wellness essay

Details of Task: “While the media often paints a picture of Millennials as focused on kudos from bosses and the social responsibility of their companies, our study found young employees also concerned with fair pay, a say in decisions and competent leaders” (Great Places to Work, 2017 –

Write an essay reviewing generational differences in work values. There will be two parts to this essay.

Part A

2000 words

Write a review of the literature on generational differences in work values. There will be recommended readings provided in class.
Part B

500 words

Self-reflection (written in first person):

Do you agree that organisations should design their wellness initiatives around the needs of particular generations? Based on your discussion in Part A write a short reflection (500 words) on your own perception of the requirement to identify particular generational needs when designing wellness initiatives. This may come from your own work experiences, or you may interview family/friends and seek their views from their work experiences.


Inventory management

Research two (2) manufacturing or two(2) service companies that manage inventory and complete this


Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

1. Determine the types of inventories these companiescurrently manage and describe their

essential inventory characteristics.

2. Analyze how each of their goods and service designconcepts are integrated.

3. Evaluate the role their inventory plays in the company’sperformance, operational efficiency, and

customer satisfaction.

4. Compare and contrast the four (4) different types oflayouts found with each company; explain the

importance of the layouts to the company’s manufacturing orservice operations.

5. Determine at least two (2) metrics to evaluate supplychain performance of the companies;

suggest improvements to the design and operations of theirsupply chains based on those


6. Suggest ways to improve the inventory management for eachof the companies without affecting

operations and the customer benefit package. Provide arationale to support the suggestion.

7. Use at least three (3) quality resources in thisassignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites

do not qualify as quality resources.

Assignment 2: Physical Ability Tests

Select a job that requires a moderate level of physical ability, such as security staff, office delivery personnel, door-to-door salespersons, retail salesperson, or nurses at hospitals and conduct an interview to determine their level of physical activity. Create a list of 8-10 interview questions and conduct an interview to determine their level of physical activity. Based on your interview, create a physical ability test plan for this job. While it is important you develop a list of questions based on your reading of the individual assessment some of the questions you may want to include for the interview include:
Prior to being hired were you asked to take any physical ability tests?
What do you perceive to be the physical demands of your job?
On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 meaning very physically demanding and 1 meaning not at all physically demanding, how physically demanding would you say your job is?
Are there physical demands you were unaware of prior to accepting your position?
Do you believe physical ability tests should be given to individuals being considered for your type of work? if yes, what types of physical tests would you recommend?
Create a detailed physical ability test plan for this position. Use the template provided. The plan must include a minimum of five physical ability tests. Please describe each test in detail, and indicate how the tests will be administered and evaluated. Make sure you also include the interview questions you asked.

BUSN115 Week 2 Quiz

Question 1

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) A(n) _____ is a framework of how a business intends to generate revenue.

business model

strategic management tool

profitability analysis

competitive advantage

entrepreneurial mindset

Question 2

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) Which of the following statements is true regarding business mindset?

It involves seeing the business from the outside in.

It is incompatible with corporate responsibility.

It involves appreciating the challenges a company faces in satisfying customer needs.

It involves acknowledging that businesses always benefit society.

It involves ignoring one’s customer experiences.

Question 3

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) _____ audit the financial reports of public companies as required by law.

Internal accountants

External auditors

Credit managers

Management accountants

Forensic accountants

Question 4

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) When the number of competitors in a market is quite small, a situation known as _____ is created.




monopolistic competition

pure competition

Question 5

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) _____ unemployment is the natural movement of workers into and out of jobs, such as when a person quits one job without first lining up a new job.






Question 6

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) ________ taxes, levied on the earnings of individuals and businesses, are the government’s largest single source of revenue.






Question 7

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) _____ is the process of influencing and motivating people to work willingly and effectively toward common goals.






Question 8

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) The overall plan might be supported at the next level down by such plans as a research and development plan, a manufacturing plan, and a marketing plan. Such functional plans are called _____ plans.






Question 9

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 1) _____ leaders act as advisors and supporters and generally let subordinates chart and adjust their own course toward meeting agreed-upon goals and objectives.






Question 10

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 2) An embargo is a _____.

quantity restriction on the import of particular goods or services

surcharge imposed on the import of certain products

subsidy offered to products exported from a country

complete ban on the import or export of certain products

form of financial assistance extended to domestic producers

Question 11

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 2) The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was formed by the United States, Canada, and _____.

Costa Rica





Question 12

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 2) _____ refers to buying goods or services from a supplier in another country.






Question 13

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 2) The use of unpublicized information that an individual gains from the course of his or her job to benefit from fluctuations in the stock market is called _____.

a code of ethics


insider trading


strategic CSR

Question 14

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 2) Which of the following statements is true regarding whistle-blowing?

Whistle-blowing is the normal channel through which employees can address issues involving unethical or illegal behavior within their companies.

Whistle-blowing refers to the use of unpublicized information that an individual gains from the course of his or her job to benefit from fluctuations in the stock market.

Whistle-blowing occurs when employees share confidential company information with external agents for personal gain.

The federal and state laws governing whistle-blowing are simple and clear, so that they can be easily used by employees and employers to navigate through.

Although whistle-blowing is sometimes characterized as “ratting on” colleagues or managers, it has an essential function.

Question 15

5 / 5 pts

(TCO 2) The manager of a golf course awards a landscaping contract to his brother-in-law’s company, even though another company was willing to do the same work for less money. This is an example of a(n) _____.

defensive CSR

code of ethics

conflict of interest

strategic CSR

ethical dilemma

RE: Unit VII Discussion Board Art Appreciation

What role did women play in Renaissance and Baroque art?


If you lived in Europe in the 1500s or 1600s, what role would you have liked to play to promote art?


If you would like to study this concept further, consider visiting the National Museum of Women in the Arts website listed under the Suggested Readings.

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