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Assignment 2: Marketing Plan

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Please complete this without the e-book. I do not have access to it. The demographic info can be found elsewhere, like online etc. I apologize for this inconvenience.


Create a Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy in

(MS Word or equivalent)


The Company is a non- alcholic beverage company and for the first six (6) months your company is in business you will start marketing and selling in your own community, a radius of twenty-five (25) miles from where you live


Write the three to five (3-5) page Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy section of your business plan, in which you:


  1. Define your companyвЂTMs target market.


Analyze the types of consumers who will be drinking your beverage in demographic terms (i.e., age, education level, income, gender, ethnic group, etc.). Support your analysis with actual data on the size of the demographic groups in your local community (nearby zip codes). (Alabama 35816, 35749 or surrounding areas)


Outline the demographic information for your company specified on the worksheet in the course text (p. 107 | Demographic Description). Click here for help accessing a specific page number in your eBook.


Hints: At American Fact Finder (, you will find demographic information on potential consumers in your area. If you are selling through other businesses (such as grocery stores), indicate the number of those businesses in your local area. You will find information about such businesses in your local area at County Business Patterns ( Check Chapter 2 of Successful Business Plan for more research sources.



  1. Assess your companyвЂTMs market competition.


Use the factors listed in the course text graphic (p. 123 | Assess the Competition) to assess your companyвЂTMs market competition.

Defend your strategy to successfully compete against market leaders in your segment.

Hints: For example, in the soft drink market, it is intimidating to try to compete against Coke and Pepsi. Newcomers in mature markets typically must pursue niche markets or even create new market categories, as Red Bull did with energy drinks.

Defend your plan to differentiate yourself from the competition using the information detailed on the worksheet in the text (p. 131 | Market Share Distribution).

Hints: Every business faces competition and the non-alcoholic beverage market is an especially crowded market.



  1. Clarify your companyвЂTMs message using the information provided on the worksheet in the text (p. 160 | The Five FвЂTMs).


Hints: Before you choose your marketing vehicles, you must determine the message you want to convey through those vehicles.


  1. Identify the marketing vehicles you plan to use to build your companyвЂTMs brand. Justify the key reasons why they will be effective. Provide examples of other non-alcoholic beverage companies that use these tactics effectively.


Hints: If you plan to use online marketing tactics, refer to the worksheet in the text (p.171 | Online Marketing Tactics) to aid your response. Remember that even if youвЂTMre selling through grocery stores you need to build your brand and social media is a major part of that in regard to beverages. Some of the marketing tactics that beverage companies use include: sampling in grocery stores, building a following on social media, sponsoring events, exhibiting at trade shows attended by retailers, and so on. You will use a combination of these tactics. For example, if you decide to give out samples in grocery stores, promote your sampling on your social media networks and those of the grocery store.

Hints: If you are planning to distribute through resellers, describe how you plan to reach them, for example, through industry trade shows or by establishing your own sales force. For information on trade shows, visit the Trade Show News Network ( You can exhibit or network at these shows.




Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:



Cite the resources you have used to complete the exercise. Note: There is no minimum requirement for the number of resources used in the exercise.


Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.


Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the studentвЂTMs name, the professorвЂTMs name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.

Marketing Plan: Product Identification and SWOT Analysis

What To Do:

This week, you will be creating components of your capstone marketing plan assignment. You will then finish your plan in week 5.

Using the company you selected for your marketing manager internship, you will complete a situation analysis with the goal of identifying a new product/service to develop your marketing plan against.

Guided Response:

Create a minimum 750 word APA style formatted Word document that includes at least 1 scholarly resource from Ashford’s online library in addition to the course text.

Your document should contain paragraphs that cover the following topics:

  • A description of your selected company/brand
  • The core products/services they offer
  • A brief history
  • Key current competitors
  • A SWOT analysis
  • The product or service line you want to develop a marketing plan for and a SWOT based argument for why it warrants marketing investment

Please see our sample situational analysis (completed for McDonald’s) for more details, including minimum lengths by topic.

What Should I Market?

The focus of your marketing plan can be a new product/service idea of your own or an existing product/service that you think deserves its own dedicated campaign. Just don’t pick something that you’ve already seen being actively marketed.

For example, after completing a SWOT analysis for McDonald’s, one might propose marketing new concepts like a McVeggie burger or an adult happy meal. Further afield, one might propose a whole new chain of pay to visit indoor McPlayground Centers. Or, relative to existing offerings, one might suggest a dedicated marketing campaign for say “burgers at breakfast” or after midnight snacking via the drive thru.

Lean about your brand and then let your imagination run wild. It can be a big idea that will appeal to many of their customers or a very targeted effort. You decide. You can always adjust your idea after getting instructor feedback.

Consumer Behavior Blog Post – Does my behavior link to yours?

  • As stated in the textbook, the motivation to belong is an important part of human life. Consumers are generally social creatures who desire contact and affiliation with others. As a result, consumers often belong to a number of formal or informal groups. These groups can exert significant influence on consumer behavior. Go to LinkedIn, and create a LinkedIn account if you have not already done so (see “LinkedIn 101” for more details). In this week’s blog post, discuss two to three (2-3) methods in which a business could use LinkedIn to influence consumer behavior. (Hint: See Chapter 10 in the textbook for more details).
  • Your blog entry should be approximately two to three (2-3) paragraphs in length. Additionally, be sure to respond to the blog entries created by two (2) of your peers.

Customer Behavior and Loyalty

You learned about consumer behavior in this module. An organization cannot persuade a customer to purchase a product or service without understanding the basics of “how people buy.”


In a 3-page APA paper, address these points:

  1. Describe why businesses study consumer behavior.
  2. Using one past major purchase you have been involved in (for example, an appliance, a house or car, or your education), describe the process using the five stages that people go through in the buying process.
  3. Explain how the degree of involvement impacts the purchase process decision. Include what your degree of involvement was for the product in the previous step.

When a customer continually returns to a given company because of satisfaction, we call that customer loyalty. In your paper, also include the following:


  1. What does customer loyalty mean to you?
  2. Compare and contrast customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  3. Think back to your own personal experiences with customer loyalty. Explain one situation that really stands out. What makes you loyal to that company, product, service, etc.?

Social and Ethical Aspects of Advertising and Promotion

Each person will write 200-250 word count on the following:



Advertising creates and perpetuates stereotypes. Advertising creates images to which  consumers can relate.


Research a single pair using the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database, available in the Specialized Resources section of the University Library.


Include a defense of the pro position and arguments for the con position, as well as counterarguments and closing rebuttals for both positions. Select only one set for this assignment.

 site reference 


Support your arguments with credible sourced information rather than your opinion.


We will merge all the information together to make it flow nicely, so this cannot be written on your view points, but a research paper with information only. Fair? Thoughts? Almost like a min paper

Complementary Partners

magine you are working with a partner to plan and host a workshop on leadership. There will be 100 people attending. Review the following optional articles and videos that detail creating a PowerPoint presentation for this assignment:

Write a five to seven (5-7) slide narrated PowerPoint presentation in which you:

  1. Describe what strengths you would like your partner to have for this particular task, and why.
  2. Explain how the strengths you have chosen for your partner would complement your strengths.
  3. Identify the top two leadership points you would want to share at the workshop, and discuss why you selected those points.
  4. Address two additional leadership traits that can assist in managing conflict and improve communication within the organization.
  5. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
    1. Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on each slide and at least one (1) relevant graphic (photograph, graph, clip art, etc.). Ensure that the presentation is visually appealing and readable from up to 18 feet away.
    2. Include a title slide containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date

Business Message Mechanics

This assignment has 2 parts.  Part 1 will be completed in Unit 3 and Part 2 will be completed in Unit 5.  The scenario will stay the same for both assignments.

You and your colleagues, who teach business communication at Oscoda County Community College, are interested in setting up a business writer’s hotline (a telephone and e-mail service) that will provide answers to grammar, mechanics, and format questions for people who call in or write. You see it as a way of providing a much-needed service to local businesspeople as well as a way of providing positive public relations for your institution.

Each faculty member is willing to donate time to answer the phones and e-mails, but you will need funds for telephone lines, answering machines, reference books, advertising, and more. You decide to apply for a grant from the H. M. Luce Foundation to fund the project for 1 year. After that, if the hotline is successful, you will either reapply for funds or ask Oscoda County Community College administration to fund the continuing costs. For requests less than $3,000, the foundation requests a simple narrative report explaining and justifying the request.

Part 1 (2 pages):

In your paper, answer the following information-gathering questions:

  • What is the background of the problem?
  • What will be the outcome of the project?
  • Describe the audience for this report and the implications for structuring your report.
  • Describe how the hotline will work.
  • What are the advantages of this project?
  • What will the project cost? What are the qualifications of those involved?

Hsci 2117: Problem Set 6 – Chi-Squared and Regression

Hsci 2117: Problem Set 6 – Chi-Squared and Regression

A pharmaceutical company develops a new drug that helps obese patients who are not currently diabetic avoid contraction of diabetes. The company conducts a trial splitting a sample of 135 patients into two groups: a drug group, and, a placebo group. They then monitored the patients for 5 years and noted how many patients in each group contracted diabetes. The company wants to conduct a Chi-Squared test for Independence to assess whether their new drug has any effect on the contraction of diabetes amongst obese patients at the 95% confidence level. Use this data to answer questions 1-3.

Number of Patients Drug Placebo
Contracted diabetes 56 20
Did not contract diabetes 34 25


  1. Identify the correct critical value, . (10%)
  2. Calculate the test statistic, . (10%)
  3. The company statistician tells you that the p-value of the test is 0.0496. Compare the test statistic to the critical value. Compare the p-value to alpha. Compare the percentage of patients on the drug who contracted diabetes, to the percentage of patients on the placebo who contracted diabetes. Is there statistically significant evidence to suggest that the drug is effective in preventing the contraction of diabetes? Explain why or why not. (20%)


An occupational therapist hypothesizes that there is a linear relationship between the number of years her patients spent in a desk job and the number of weeks it takes to complete therapy. The following table contains data from a sample of nine of her patients. Use this data to answer questions 4-6.

Desk Job Yrs (j) 29.9 20 14.2 20.6 12.1 23.4 25.4 24.7 13.2 27.6
Therapy Wks (t) 12 8 6 7 5 11 9 11 5 12


  1. Calculate and interpret the pearson’s correlation coefficient between the variables J and T, , and the coefficient of determination between the variables J and T, . (20%)
  2. Determine the coefficients of the least squares regression line for the following model between years in a desk job and weeks in therapy : (20%)
  3. Use the least-squares regression line to predict the expected number of weeks of therapy needed for a patient who has spent 22.5 years in a desk job, . (20%)

“Consumer Behavior Blog Post – The influences of social media on increasing convenience in your lifestyle with Yelp. “

  • So far we have learned how to get into contact with people who have the same interests all over the world via social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. These apps have gained you contacts in your business life as well as in your social life. But are they really useful to everyone? This week we learn more about an app that absolutely everyone can use: Yelp. Check out Yelp and see if it is something you might find useful. In this week’s blog post, discuss two to three (2-3) uses of Yelp in which you could influence consumer behavior.
  • Your blog entry should be approximately two to three (2-3) paragraphs in length. Additionally, be sure to respond to the blog entries created by two (2) of your peers.

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Supply and Demand in a Global Market

Answer the following questions using examples and applications from the readings.  Justify your answers using economic concepts and ideas as they apply. Each response should be between 100-200 words.


  1. The demand for labor is said to be a “derived” demand.  What is the meaning of a derived demand? How does this concept help to determine the demand for labor?
  2. What are some of the factors that determine the supply of labor in a market? What significant factors have changed the supply of labor over the last twenty years?
  3.  How does a firm determine its prices and the quantity of labor required in the resource market during a specific period?
  4.  Why do income inequalities exist?  How are income inequalities measured? How have income inequalities changed from 1980 to the present?
  5. What is the role of the U.S. government, in terms of dealing with the problem of income inequalities?  What are the arguments, for and against, government involvement in this area?
  6. Why do nations trade?  What is meant by the concept of “Comparative Advantage”?  Could a nation be better off economically, if it practiced an isolation policy?
  7. The United States has had a significant trade imbalance for several years.  What are the problems associated with having a negative trade balance?  What can be done to correct the imbalance?
  8. How are exchange rates determined?  What is the significance of currency devaluations to the home country?  To other countries?