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Dutch and Danish Belief legends compared.


I use “belief legends” as the correct term for fairy-tales recorded from everyday people, i.e. stories that were part of local beliefs. Please elaborate the themes highlighted in pink. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Danish folklore database

Dutch Folkore database:

Joint database (not fully functional)

To get sufficient search results, you must use google translate to find the respective search terms in Dutch and Danish, also use google translate for any foreign text so you can understand and describe its meaning.

– MERMAIDS (8 pages)

Add 8 pages to existing text, expand on Danish folktales and make a comparison with the dutch ones.

– The role of a pact with the Devil in Dutch and Danish belief legends (12 pages)

Good reference point:

Follow approximately my work on Mermaids and explore how a pact with the devil is intertwined in the dutch and danish belief legend culture. Compare how this pact may differ in both countries.

– The role of witches in Dutch and Danish belief legends 15 pp

Follow the style the mermaids chapter i’ve included, explore the role of witches in Dutch and Danish belief legends, and if their geographical distribution is to any relevance. Explore if there’s differences between the two countries.

(dutch keyword for witch: Heks)

– Evolution of fairytale illustration (15 pages)

Describe the evolution of fairytale illustration, underlining that initially orally transmitted folktales would not be illustrated, but that they were a common theme in the arts and manuscripts, and that with improving printing techniques this would have changed. Please accompany this with illustrations (which do not count as text on pages.) John D. Batten and Henry Justice Ford are nice examples from the 19th century. Warwick Goble from the 20th. (just to name a few). Please try to find also very old illustrations from medieval times (there’s a lot on early medieval legends like the Swan Knight for example). Please focus on North-Western Europe, and in particular The Netherlands and Denmark, but there’s room for some excursions as a lot of very nice quality imagery comes from elsewhere. You could comment on how foreign works differ from Dutch and Danish works.

(some examples, but clearly not all there is out there)



Write an essay about philosophy and something from pop culture or the world around you, such as a news story, an experience you’ve had, a movie, a tv show, a song, a book, a website, a social phenomenon, etc. (hereafter, your “example.”) Here are some possible essay topics using movies (just to give you an idea — i.e. you don’t have to pick one of these!): “Plato’s Cave and The Truman Show,” “Nozick’s Experience Machine and The Matrix,” “The Mind/Body Problem and Being John Malkovich,” “Free Will vs. Determinism and Groundhog Day,” “The Teleological Argument for God’s Existence and Bruce Almighty.”

Here are some different options for how to complete this assignment (though you’re not at all required to pick just one or even any of these):

You could compare the ideas of one philosopher or school of philosophy to the philosophy in your example.
You could discuss just your own philosophy on your example.
You could look at how your example challenges, disagrees with or represents an alternative perspective to the ideas of one philosopher or school of philosophy.
You could look at how your example presents, embodies or agrees with a particular philosophical idea, theory or issue.
A combination of two or more of the above, or your own unique approach (e.g. creative non-fiction, etc.)
Whatever approach you take, you must fulfill these requirements:

At least half of your essay should be dedicated to philosophy.
Philosophy needs to be front and center in your essay – i.e. don’t just write a book report or movie review with a pinch of philosophy thrown in at the end.
You only need to summarize enough of your example so that your reader can understand what you’re philosophizing about.
You don’t need to write about the whole book, movie, etc. but could instead just focus on one scene, character, aspect, etc.
You don’t need an explicit or formal thesis statement, but it should be clear what you’re focusing on and what the point of your essay is.
You’re not allowed to cite outside sources (e.g. books, the internet, etc.) since the point of this assignment is for you to do your own philosophizing.
You can (but don’t necessarily have to!) discuss theories, ideas and philosophers that we’ve covered in class, but you must do so in your own unique way (i.e. not just repeat verbatim what is in the textbook or online readings.)
Your essay should be a minimum of 3 typed, double-spaced pages, with normal margins on all sides and using a typical (e.g. Times New Roman, etc.) 12-point font.
Please remember (see your class syllabus if you’ve forgotten) that plagiarizing any part of your paper will automatically result in a grade of ‘F’ for the paper and possibly the class as well.

To what extent the banking risks can be explained by M&A as the entrepreneurial entry mode selection of commercial banks in Vietnam from 2007 to 2018 with the measurement of Z-score bankruptcy propensity and the reference to corporate entrepreneurship?


To what extent the banking risks can be explained by M&A as the entrepreneurial entry mode selection of commercial banks in Vietnam from 2007 to 2018 with the measurement of Z-score bankruptcy propensity and the reference to corporate entrepreneurship?

3. The motivation of the study is not strong enough, student need to clearly identify the gaps in the literature.
4. Hypothesis is not clear, student need to be aware that all hypothesis need to be testable and should have sufficient literature and empirical evidence to support its rationale.
5. For whole thesis, student has half page for methodology section, student need to significantly extend the methodology section. Student need to provide a full description of the methodology chosen and the reason why choose this methodology over other alternatives .
6. The data section need to be completely rewritten, student need to give a brief introduction of the main databases used in the study. And the rationale for each variables chosen. Student also need to identify the rationale for questionnaire and the results from the focus group on how each question is scaled.
7. It is highly unreliable for a regression contain only 16 observations ( By all means, the sample size is not enough !!!) giving student has 10 variables on the righthand side of the regression, the degree of freedom is only 6. It is very difficult to draw any conclusion from such regression, in a nut shell, this result is highly unreliable and therefore student need to redo all empirical sention. The sample size need to increase significantly.”
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Employment Relations


Critically evaluate the foundations of capitalism and their role in determining the nature of employment.
it can be how capitalism has influenced the relationship between the actors, but also how it has affected certain aspects of employment.