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7 research examples from articles

I did the first 3 research examples (research study, case study, and appeal to authority) can you do the 4 more: testimony and testimonials, personal experience and observation, intuition, and analogy? The same exact format that I have done so far, for every research example.  Issue: Should recreational drugs be legal in U.S
My conclusion is that recreational drugs should not be legal in U.S.
assignment is based on my conclusion

write a summary about Alternative Media and Processes

View the attached powerpoints on “Visual Thinking Strategies” & “Alternative Media and Processes”
Write a 1 page summary (12pt Font, Times New Roman, Double Space) of Alternative Media.
      -Include an image (on page 2) of an artwork that reflects “Alternative Media and Processes”
    -Write a brief description of the artwork (What’s happening in the artwork? What do you see that makes you say that? What more can you find?)
  -Make a connection between you and the artwork (what reasons does this work relate to you/your identity?).

Slavery in America

trace the evolution of racial slavery and its aftermath in North America from pre-Columbian times through reconstruction and the redemption of the South. Utilizing in part the information from the timeline you just created answer the following question, During the Antebellum period was the United States a society with slaves or a slave society? Explain why and justify your answer.