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When Rachel Leist was working in marketing at HubSpota technology company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that produces marketing and sales softwarethe company realized that something was happening as they grew in size. Many of their teams were spread out in different locations across the globe. That meant that team meetings often were held virtually. Rachels marketing team decided that they wanted to do something that would make not only their team work better, but also help the company learn from their experience. They came up with a special week that they named Remote Week.

The team tried holding all their meetings via video during Remote Week. They also made a pact to try a wide variety of meetings during this week, including cross-functional meetings, one-on-one meetings, and all-team meetings. At the end of the week, they asked for feedback from everyone on the team. What did they find?

Team members realized that having someone who takes on the role of a facilitator during video meetings makes a big difference. This facilitator makes sure that everyone gets a chance to talk. The team found that sometimes facilitators would see people making goldfish faces (opening and closing their mouths without saying anything since they kept getting cut off by others on the team). A facilitator was just what was needed to allow everyone on the teamnot just the people making these goldfish facesto take turns talking. Facilitators also could look out for side conversations and get those to be shared with the whole group. Ensuring that everyone on the video call was in different rooms also helped to cut out side conversations.

The team realized how unplanned conversations can be incredibly helpful to their work, but they can be difficult to make happen when working virtually. The good news is they figured out a few workarounds to recreate alternatives to face-to-face conversations that happen on the fly. For starters, they made it a standard practice that team members would be ready to quickly get on a video call if someone had a question. If someone on the team couldnt make a spontaneous call, they would record a quick video so that no team members would be left out.

It also became clear that if youre not physically present, you need to do all you can to stay visible to others in the company. This means making sure that you share your thoughts during virtual meetings. Also, they use Slack at HubSpot to communicate across teams in the company. If someone has something to say about work-related projectsor even what you did over the weekendparticipating in the group chat discussions on Slack keeps you in the minds of those who arent physically working in the same location.

According to Rachel, Remote Week was a success for her team. Theyve been doing a better job collaborating with one another when working in different locations, and team members believe that they have improved on making sure that everyone on the team gets heard.

Case Questions

1.What type(s) of team(s) were exemplified by the team participating in Remote Week at HubSpot?

2.Explain how norms and roles were a part of making HubSpots marketing team function well during Remote Week.

3.What challenges did Remote Week try to address that virtual teams often have?

4.How is each of the characteristics of creating effective work teams relevant to virtual teams?

Cisco Systems Firm Strategy and Internal Strengths

Cisco Systems, the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in networking for the Internet,” has dominated similar firms in its industry. As Wall-Streets’ beloved stock and an essential stock in any investor’s portfolio, with over 35,566 employees worldwide and boasting revenues totaling 22.2 billion in the previous fiscal year the company aims to ensure that networks both public and private operate with maximum performance, security, and flexibility.


1) summarize the important points of this article. If you had to explain this article in one minute to someone, what would you say?

2) Find a more recent primary literature article on this fungus OR written by the author of this study, Anita Sil. For this assignment you will simply give the citation for the article, in the following format

Authors, year published. Title. Name of journal Volume:page numbers.

Here is a correctly formatted example.

Zhao Y, Christensen SK, Fankhauser C, Cashman JR, Cohen JD, Weigel D, Chory J. 2001. A role for flavin monooxygenase-like enzymes in auxin biosynthesis. Science 291:


Write a program that simulates a lottery.

    The program shall have an array of five integers named lottery and should generate a random number in the range of 0 through 9 for each element in the array.
    The user shall enter five digits, which are stored in an integer array named user.
    The program is to compare the corresponding elements in the two arrays and keep a count of the digits that match.
    For example, the following shows the lottery array and the user array with sample numbers stored in each. There are two matching digits (elements 2 and 4).
    lottery array:
    7     4     9     1     3
    user array:
    4     2     9     7     3
    The program shall display the random numbers stored in the lottery array and the number of matching digits. If all of the digits match, display a message proclaiming the user as a grand prize winner.

Should social media be allowed to collect data from it’s users

For this assignment, your goal is to share your position and “join the conversation” on the topic you have been researching all quarter by preparing your writing for print or online publication.  Readers of commentaries want to grasp the issue you are presenting and understand your angle right away.  You must make your point quickly and memorably, with an ultimate goal of convincing readers to agree with you, act in some way, and/or change their minds
Choose a publication to which you will write your commentary from the specified list of options: Teen Vogue
Determine the style, tone, level of formality, etc. that is typical for that publication.
Analyze the target audience for the publication, and consider how their needs dictate the writing choices you will make.
Write a Commentary Article between 700 – 1000 words using the same topic you’ve been researching all quarter

Social media

Identify the social media platform that you use most frequently (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) (do not use snapchat)
If you have no social media, look at a celebritys social media account and do the below analysis as if you were that person have your friend analyze the account as well.
Once youve selected a social media platform, identify the last 10 posts (could be status updates, tweets, images, etc.) that you have made.
Reflect on your self-presentation:
What were you trying to accomplish / how were you trying to represent yourself when you made these 10 posts?
How much do you believe your posts represented your real self vs. your ideal self?
Now, find a close friend or family member and show them the same 10 posts you answered questions about in #3 above.
Ask your friend/family what they believe you were trying to represent about yourself when you made these 10 posts.
How much does your friend / family member believe that the things you posted represented your real self vs. your ideal self?
Finally, reflect on your answers to these questions and compare them to the way your friend responded to these questions.
Did your friend notice anything about your self-presentation that you did not?
Was there anything that your friend noticed about your self-presentation that you disagreed with?
Was there anything that your friend noticed about your self-presentation that you hadnt noticed yourself, but after they said it you really agreed with them?
If there were one thing that youve noticed about your online self-presentation that you wish you would change, what would it be, and why?


1. After reading this assignment, prepare a 3 page paper discussing the extent to which you agree that being prepared to interact empathically and congenially and to apply the concept of mutuality with those at the negotiating table is key to preparing for success in any negotiations.

Explain your reasoning, give some examples, and offer theoretical support from your readings. Draw on the background readings

2. Assignment Requirements: Does the paper directly address all aspects of the assignment? Have the assignment instructions been followed closely?

3. Critical Thinking: Does the paper demonstrate a college
level of analysis, in which information derived from multiple sources has been critically evaluated and synthesized in the formulation of a logical set of conclusions? Does the submission demonstrate that the student has read and understood the background materials for the module and can apply them to the assignment?

4. Writing and Assignment Organization: Is the essay logical, well organized, and well written? Are the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary appropriate for college-level work? Are section headings included? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of responding, or is justification/support instead conveyed through excessive use of direct quotations?

5. Use of Sources and Mechanics: Does the submission demonstrate that the student has read and understood the background materials for the module and can apply them to the assignment? If required, has the student demonstrated effective research, as evidenced by students use of relevant and quality sources? Does the student demonstrate understanding of a consistent (e.g., APA) style of referencing, by inclusion of proper citations (for paraphrased text and direct quotations) as appropriate? Are appropriate sources from the background material included? Have all sources cited in the paper been included on the reference list page?

only daughter

part 1:Explain the difference between “only daughter” and “only a daughter” in this essay.  Is there anything here that resonates with your experience either as a daughter, or as the brother of an only daughter in the family?  If you’re a man, and have no sisters, how would this essay speak to you?  Does it still carry some sort of echo for you?  What kind of feeling does that evoke?
How does being “an only daughter in a family of six sons” end up creating a sense of loneliness and aloneness in Sandra Cisneros?  What positive things came as a result of that loneliness?
What expectations did her father have for her, and how did she thwart those expectations?
When writers use specific sensory and descriptive words and phrases (conveying sensations of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell through their words), it’s known as imagery.  What vivid sensory images does she use to allow us to picture the fathers room in our minds. Why does she use these specific details to describe her father’s condition to the reader?
Comment on Sandra Cisneros’ last sentence in her essay.
part 2:
A short personal narrative account in which you describe a childhood experience – positive, or negative. Try to use vivid verbs and adjectives to create a sense of setting for the readers.  Use dialogue in a couple of places, and emotion wherever necessary. Specific details about the experience, including people, songs, tastes, smells, etc. will help us imagine the scene.


no work cited page necessary

After reading these 3 selections attached below, list and discuss as many similarities as you observe between Kings speech and Lincolns Gettysburg Address. Also discuss how King is perhaps talking back to the Declaration of Independence. As you note the connections between texts, consider why it is important to do so why make connections???

Two part question on Starbucks case study that has to be reviewed in order to answer. Use examples from the case to answer the following questions.

Starbucks case study is attached that has to be reviewed in order to answer. Use examples from the case to answer the following questions.

Two Part Question:

Part 1:From your reading of the Starbucks case , identify 3 customer needs that you believe Starbucks is satisfying and explain how they satisfy them.

Part 2: Next identify 3 Customer wants that Starbucks has identified and how are they proceeding to satisfy them.