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Ethical Hacking – Port Scanning

Youve spent time in the labs learning about scanning, ports, and the services provided from those ports. In this discussion exercise, youll look at a port scan of a Windows Server and answer some questions.

There are several ports open. Select one or more ports from the following list and describe what the service does.

Can you provide recommendations about whether that service should continue to be used? Why or why not?
If the service is likely to cause security-related issues, can you choose a replacement service that will still meet the IT needs to the end users?
Provide references and examples to back up your claim.
This is not intended to be an extensive assignment. You shouldnt spend too much time on it in terms of references and examples.

root@kali:~# nmap

Starting Nmap 7.80 ( ) at 2020-02-04 11:52 EST

Nmap scan report for

Host is up (0.00069s latency).

Not shown: 971 filtered ports


7/tcp open echo

13/tcp open daytime

17/tcp open qotd

19/tcp open chargen

21/tcp open ftp

23/tcp open telnet

25/tcp open smtp

42/tcp open nameserver

53/tcp open domain

80/tcp open http

88/tcp open kerberos-sec

110/tcp open pop3

135/tcp open msrpc

139/tcp open netbios-ssn

143/tcp open imap

389/tcp open ldap

443/tcp open https

445/tcp open microsoft-ds

464/tcp open kpasswd5

593/tcp open http-rpc-epmap

636/tcp open ldapssl

3268/tcp open globalcatLDAP

3269/tcp open globalcatLDAPssl

3389/tcp open ms-wbt-server

49154/tcp open unknown

49156/tcp open unknown

49157/tcp open unknown

49158/tcp open unknown

49165/tcp open unknown

MAC Address: 00:0C:29:ED:2E:72 (VMware)

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 17.35 seconds

Program design

consider your program’s design. (Program topic is cultural sensitivity training)

Specifically, focus on the following:

Pre-Training – What will you do in phase 1 to engage and excite your learners for your training?
Learning Event – For phase 2, how will you convey knowledge to your learners? How will you train them? Consider outlining the entire event. Keep in mind time constraints as well.
Post-Training – In phase 3, how will you assess them and the training? How will you be sure that they are transferring the skills from the training and applying them in their day to day positions?
It is recommended that you create a Concept Map, Curriculum Road Map, or Storyboard, if applicable and helpful to you as you create your sections of the final project. To guide you in this process, access the template. While not mandatory, this template helps you form an outline of your plan.

Papers will be 3-5 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format.  However, some items can be contained within a chart or table, or a bullet points outline as you create sections of your Final Project. See the rubric for specific details to guide you in developing your papers.  Papers must follow APA guidelines (especially in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized work). You will utilize content from additional resources, such as scholarly articles, journals.  (Note: Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource).

Aviation Safety Statistics Regarding the Evolution of the Airline Industry

Read the assigned topics, then conduct further research into Aviation Safety Statistics over the Evolution of the Airline Industry, as you will use this knowledge in writing your Case Analysis (CA).

You will access an aviation accident statistic over many decades, analyze it, and provide an assessment.
Consider accessing the NTSB website (Links to an external site.) and scholarly journals to perform this task.
Provide a summation of the major events and findings. (in Summary)
Describe the various metrics that could be used to describe quantitative safety data.
Demonstrate your understanding of which benchmark metric is used to measure overall safety.
What was one major problem addressed? (in Problem)
What is the significance to the airline industry? To general aviation? (in Significance)
Evaluate this problem with respect to the airline industry changes over multiple decades via the inferential statistical data.
What has been the impact? Is this a new problem? Similar to an old one?
Compare and contrast safety data over the history of human flight with respect to changes made through accident investigation. (in Significance)
Has it gotten safer through analysis of accidents and the process of mitigating weaknesses?
Could accident investigation on previous accidents have prevented this? Are there examples where this happened before?
Based on a review of all major issues, choose two and expound on solutions provided and possible additions. (in Alternatives)
Do the solutions apply to risk management as it relates to airline safety initiatives and FAA mandates?
Make your recommendation going forward based on lessons learned. Could something else be added? (in Recommendations)

Methodology + Results

Please carefully refer to the document of requirements as well as paper #1 and several examples I uploaded. According to the introduction and literature review in paper #1, you need to select a Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise to collect relevant data for analysis. This paper only needs to involve methodology and results. If you choose to use the questionnaire survey method, you need to provide a specific questionnaire in the appendix just like the examples I uploaded, including at least 9 questions, which cannot be yes or no questions.

Note: If collected data records are not submitted, Paper #2 will be considered incomplete.

Paper #2: Field Report

Your goal for the Field Report is to add to your knowledge acquired while writing the Discovery Report. The paper #1 provided you with the context or the background for your primary research and, thematically, will align with the second paper. Writing a Field Report, you will demonstrate what you have learned about the research topic by collecting empirical data. To complete the Field Report successfully, pay attention to the following requirements:

Part 1:

Select a data-collection instrument that fits your research objectives: e.g., text analysis, semi-structured interviews, survey, a mixed-method approach, meta-analysis, nonparticipant observations, or analysis of the existing statistics. You may use advanced statistical analyses if you have studied statistics before.
Recruit at least 3 participants for a qualitative study or arrange for a focus-group interview. A research interview should last at least 30 minutes. If you plan to conduct a survey, you should collect responses from at least 30 people. Make an appropriate decision about a population sampling (e.g., convenience, purposive, random).
Use the Research Journal to reflect on each step of the data collection process and data analysis. 
If relevant, prepare a letter requesting interview/survey participation; include the following information:
Identify yourself; the program/course title; instructors name and contact information
Briefly describe the purpose of the research project
Explain what study participants will be asked to do
Provide the assurance of confidentiality; please include the line IRB approval is not required for a course research project. However, should you have questions or concerns, please contact the course instructor (provide the instructors email and/or phone number if possible).

Part 2
Write a report comprised of a very short Introduction, a brief description of Methodology, and Results/Findings. The Methodology section should explain data-collection procedure and participants background information. Results/Findings should analytically summarize main issues/themes that emerged as a result of data analysis.
Use relevant direct quotations/verbatim from the interviews or answers to open-ended questions in the questionnaires to support assertions.
Use visuals if applicable.
Submit interview recordings to Canvas and/or examples of completed questionnaires (consult with the instructor), or any other data.


In this paper you will be tasked with illustrating a family transition based on the perspective of someone who has recently gone through this experience. You will discuss how the transition has influenced the individual, other family members, and the family as a whole. The processes involved in the transition should also be discussed. 


Case Study 2: Due November 15
You will submit your response to each case study in a Q & A forum.  Your response should be a bulleted list/plan to address each case. Do not reply to the responses of others.  You will have only one post in the case study forums.

Case Study 2


You are the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in a large, urban school district that serves students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The district has a sizable number of students coming from low-income homes. Although many of the parents are supportive of their childrens education, there are so many issues related to working extra jobs, living in the fear of gang activity, not being able to pay the bills, and so on. It becomes obvious to you that the parents are so overwhelmed by their own problems, they often dont know how to be good parents. What seems to be obvious to educators is not even considered by the parents. The parents need to be told simple things like making sure the children have a quiet place in which to do their homework.

At the regular monthly principals meeting you announce that youd like to form a committee to address ways to help parents better support their childrens success in school. Not only do the principals agree with your idea, but within a matter of minutes, you have a full committee. The rest of the principals also pledge their support for what- ever the committee might develop. This is very encouraging to you. You announce the time and place of the first meeting.

After the first committee meeting, the committee decides upon an idea to reach into the homes of all the children. They feel confident that their plan not only will help to teach the uninformed parents, but it also will affirm the actions of other parents. Specifically, the committee would like to initiate a parent commitment program by which both parents and teachers would sign an agreement that ultimately would help their students. The agreement would specify what the parents are expected to do and what the teachers will do in return. The signed agreements would be displayed in two places: at home on the refrigerator, and in school on the bulletin board.

The agreement would be positive in nature. The parent promises to:

As a family, live together in love, kindness, respect, honesty, compassion, and nonviolence.
Make sure my child is prepared for the first of day of school (registration, immunizations, schedule pickup, school supplies, etc.).
Make sure my child attends school on a regular basis.
Make contact with my childs teacher(s).
Take an active part in my childs education.
Monitor my childs progress.
The school would agree to be supportive and proactive regarding the students success. Faculty members agree to:

Notify parents of any change in their childs behavior, attendance, or performance.
Make parents feel welcome and encourage good communication.
Encourage parental participation while allowing flexibility for parents schedules.
Facilitate and arrange for student support services, such as mentoring and tutoring programs.
Make sure that the students have meaningful homework that reinforces what
theyve learned.
Establish a classroom atmosphere of love, kindness, respect, honesty, compassion,
and collaborative problem solving.
The agreement quickly becomes accepted by parents and school personnel alike. The children are proud to have their agreements displayed on the bulletin board of their school, which has become a positive peer pressure for all students to encourage their parents to sign it. As assistant superintendent, you not only are proud of this initiative and your committees work, but you also are eager to talk about it at the Board of Education meeting, as well as local service club meetings. Needless to say, it becomes a powerful public relations tool.

Just when you are enjoying the success of the initiative, the superintendent calls you into his office and tells you that the district is undertaking a new direction. Every- thing we do must be data-driven, he explains to you. Certainly, this is nothing new to you as you think about all the data-driven emphasis that has been placed on test scores, student achievement, teacher evaluations, and principals evaluations. You cant believe your ears when the superintendent declares that unless your parent commitment initiative can generate meaningful data, it will have to be canceled. He further informs you that this is a nonnegotiable issue. He has told the Board of Education that all district initiatives will be measured by data. If we cant measure it, we wont do it.

As you walk back to your office, you cant help but think of all the positive aspects stemming from the parent commitment initiative. You explore in your mind how you can employ some data-collection tool that would keep the initiative alive and not detract from its effectiveness. You immediately set up a meeting with the committee to seek their input.

At the meeting, the principals are reluctant to add a data-collection tool to the initiative. After much probing, they finally admit that they are afraid that a data-collection tool would trivialize the initiative. Certainly, each school could compete with the others to see who has the greater percentage of participation, but with all of the schools already at least with a 95% participation rate, would that really be meaningful? Because of the issues faced by dysfunctional families, there always will be a small percentage who dont value the initiative and wont participate. What are the ramifications for principals if they cant get 100% participation? Would their attempts to get compliance actually turn parents away from the school?

You admit that the principals have some very valid points. Also, none of the committee members can think of any other way to collect data about the initiative other than looking at participation rates.

What would you do? Would you terminate the initiative? Explain, in a bulleted manner, your action plan. Be sure to develop your plan in alignment with Standards: An education leader promotes the success of every student by ensuring management of the organization, operation, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.

exercise physiology

The goal of this assignment is two-fold. First, I want you to become familiar with estimations of muscular strength and endurance. It is important to know how to effectively assess both measures of overall muscular fitness, as this knowledge will allow you to regularly assess fitness levels on your clients to determine if training is working to improve cardiovascular health and fitness. Second, I want you to take what you’ve learned through the assessment, as well as in Chapter 10, and determine how to improve upon your own muscular strength. The information gleaned from this assignment is invaluable and will deepen your understanding of how to determine muscular strength and endurance to make improvements upon a baseline value. Please refer to the Course Materials section for more information and specific instructions. Upload your final submission here via Blackboard.

Shared Vision:Instructional Data and Improvement

You have had an opportunity to view materials and resources on vision, shared vision.  Locate an article in a peer reviewed research journal on the topic of shared vision as it relates to using data or instructional improvement and assessment.  Post the article in the forum along with a brief synopsis.  Include the following in your forum post:

1. A copy of the article

2. Brief summary of the article

3. Points you agree and/or disagree with

4. Identify/state your personal vision for instructional improvement and assessment

4 p’s of chick fil a

Watch this video and answer the following questions:

After watching the video, discuss the following:

        Describe how Chic-Fil-A implementation of the 4Ps have led to its success

        How is Chic-Fil-As use of Purpose and People helpful in gaining customers?                                                        Use proper spelling, grammar and capitalization. Post should be at least 250 words with examples and citation. Please do it as a discussion post, thank you 🙂

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In 1-2 well-developed and well-detailed paragraphs, discuss the topic listed below.

How does the Hero-Twins journey to Xibalba compare and/or contrast with the journeys other epic heroes have taken to the afterlife and/or underworld? You might also discuss the purposes of the journeys, how the underworlds are structured, and how the inhabitants of the underworld behaveas well as the outcome or the results of those journeys for each of the epic heroes.