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One of the most pressing early signs of division in this country was in the economic differences between the north and south. the Market Economy in North followed its European counterparts and Industrialized, while the South stayed agrarian and continued to profit from its large scale plantations.  This unit explores the economic development of the New Nation and the Market Revolution that seemed to draw more division between the north and south.


    1. Textbook: Chapter 9 – “Toward a National Economy”

    2. Source Collection for Chapter 9.2: State Laws Govern Slavery

    3. Source Collection for Chapter 9.4: John Marshall – Opinion of the Supreme Court

    4. Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The American Scholar”  Click Here for link  (Links to an external site.)

Based on the readings  answer the following question in 2-3 developed paragraphs. Please answer the question in the “QUIZ” section marked Quiz 9 and save the file as a Word Document of PDF file. Be sure to reference the readings for support.

Many Historians doubt that a market revolution had created a national economic system. Based on the readings did a market revolution take place in the first half of the nineteenth century?

Video Discussion: Faith & the Public Square

First, watch the 1-hour documentary video, Soul of a Nation (Links to an external site.), in its entirety. (This is the fifth of 6 episodes in the PBS Frontline series, God in America (Links to an external site.).)

Second, post your carefully considered response to the following prompt in a paragraph of at least 6  sentences:

This video portrays the efforts of both Christian church leaders and politicians to “marry” faith and democracyin a nation that values the separation of church and state. As Christians, we believe that faith touches all aspects of life, public and private, and as Americans, we believe that the state should not define the church (nor vice versa), in order to protect both.

Consider a person or event from this video and describe how, in your view, they/it either did or did not maintain a healthy balance between Christian faith and political endeavors. Use specific details from the video as evidence of your position.

Finally, thoughtfully read and engage at least 2 of your colleagues’ responses with a substantive reply of at least 4 sentences each. Each reply needs to answer this question: Do you agree with your colleague’s assessment of the person or event they chose? If you do agree, provide additional specific evidence that further supports their assessment from the video and/or readings. If you do not agree, charitably explain why you differ and support your own view with specific evidence from the video and/or readings.
Below are links to the videos for the assignment

Dramatic Literature class- Othello and Medea essay- EASY!!

This is rather simple. Please follow the directions below. The professor is a easy grader. It does not need to be too complex. Can be 1-2 pages depending on the amount of paragraphs for the answer of the question.


Choose ONE question to answer from EACH of the two groups. You will answer one question about MEDEA and one question about OTHELLO. Write it in essay format. For example, you’ll want to make it clear which play you are referencing and introduce the topic before jumping right into your answer.

MEDEA: Choose ONE of these and write 1-3 paragraphs to answer . You can quote from the test if you want

1) Usually the protagonist has a ‘tragic flaw’ that leads to his or her own destruction, but in MEDEA, it is Jason (the Antagonist) who has personality flaws that lead to his destruction. Discuss the mistakes he makes in the play that lead Medea to destroy him and all he loves.

2) Is Medea a sympathetic character? Does she remain sympathetic the whole play,, or is there a point at which you stopped being on her side?

3) In Medea’s first long speech to the chorus (lines 213-261), she claims that women are afflicted with the most “wretched” existence on earth. How is gender explored in the play? Is Medea a positive or negative example of a feminist heroine?

OTHELLO: Choose ONE of these and write 1-3 paragraphs to answer. You can quote from the text if you want.

1) In Iago’s ‘I Hate The Moor’ speech in Act I, scene 3, he claims that he has heard rumors that Othello has slept with Iago’s wife, Emilia, and that he will use that for an excuse to destroy him. Does Iago really care about Emilia,or is there another reason why he would get revenge for this? What other moments in the play suggest that rumor might be true?

2) What is the importance of the Handkerchief, and how does Iago use it as a prop to further destroy Othello?

3) How does Othello’s final speech affect our opinion of him? Why does he kill himself?

Here is the criteria of how it will be graded:
Topic introduced properly—–15.0 pts
complete paragraph form——20.0 pts
question answered fully——–50.0 pts
grammar, spelling and punctuation—–15.0 pts

Getting religion right in the public schools

Read and review the article titled, “Getting Religion Right in the Public Schools.” by Charles Haynes. Read the attached article titled, “Getting Religion Right in the Public Schools” by Charles Haynes. Write a summary of the article. Identify your position on the issue, whether or not you agree with the article and/or discuss how the information from the article could enrich your experience as a classroom teacher. Assignments that do not meet the minimum length (700 words), content requirements (i.e., the specific directions of the assignment), or due date will be given half credit (i.e., 10 points).

Students are required to check that the file was correctly uploaded; if there was a problem with the assignment, students may immediately resubmit through Blackboard email  (Course Messages) with no penalty.

Haynes, C. (2011).  Getting religion right in the public schools. Phi Delta Kappan, 93(4), 8-14

HCA 240

Variance Analysis

You are the manager of a hospital department that cares for patients, and you just received your monthly budget results that state your salaries were higher and your supply use was lower than budgeted.

Write a paper (1,000-1,200 words) that explains the following points:

Include what factors you should consider when writing your variance report to your vice president. Note: Your vice president expects her managers to write detailed variance reports that include all possibilities.

Include the relationships between interpreting operational variance report budget goals and actual results of performance.

Describe the variance issues to be addressed in accordance with Health Care Organizations (HCO) that require justification if they are over or under the threshold for action.

Relationships Essay

You will submit a paper analyzing the process and content of either one or two relationships in your life, using as many terms and concepts from the text and lecture notes as you can. If you write about two relationships, you will need to compare and contrast the experience you had with each person. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and no fewer than four full and no more than six pages. THESE PAPERS MUST BE IN ESSAY FORM and conform to the conventions of English grammar and usage. Consider any of the following questions as potential issues to examine: 1) How did this relationship begin? Describe the process of relationship development, using the Knapp model of stages of relationships. 2) Has the relationship experienced deterioration? Describe and discuss. 3) Discuss the role played by self-disclosure in the relationship 4) Discuss the role by your self-concept and the process of perception in your relationship. How have misunderstandings arisen? How have they been resolved? 5) Discuss the use of words/verbal language in the relationship. Have there been instances of ambiguity or an excess of you language that you can recall? 6) Discuss the use of nonverbal communication in the relationship. How have body language, vocal tone, time, clothing, and distance/space played a role in the relationship? 7) Discuss how listening has played a part in the success and/or failure in the relationship. What style of listening is used most often in the relationship? How can the listening process be improved? 8) If the relationship in ongoing, what do you see for the future? Does the relationship require a significant amount of maintenance or repair? What would be required for the relationship to terminate? 9) How have the concepts of power and control played out in the relationships? Who is the more dominant party you, or the other party? Why? Is there a significant amount of power inequity? If so, what would be required for the power structure to be more equally balanced? 10) What theory of relationship development and/or deterioration most closely characterizes this relationship attraction, reinforcements, social exchange, or equity? 11) How is conflict managed in the relationship? What cultural and gender differences exist in the relationships, in terms of expectations, communication patterns, and conflict management? For romantic relationships: What category of love is most approximated eros, agape, philos, storge, ludus, pragma, or mania? What is your love language and that of your partner? For friendship relationships: By what type of friendship is this relationship characterized? Have gender or cultural issues played a role in this friendship? Describe any issues raised in pgs. 326-332 of Adler/Proctor which have any bearing on this friendship relationship. If this is a family member, discuss the communication pattern that most closely describes the relationship. Describe any issues raised in pgs. 319-326 of Adler/Proctor which have any bearing on this family relationship.

Lactose Intolerance

Your outline must be submitted in a formal outline format as shown below.  The outline should demonstrate enough detail to make it clear that you have considered the organization of your presentation, including the research required for your topic, and the planned sections for your research paper. At the end of your outline, please provide a listing of the sources which you have already identified for use in creating your research paper.

Outline Format

I. Thesis Statement

II. Discuss the age group, SES, region, ethnic group, gender, etc. where this disease or injury is most prevalent.  Include recent data and statistics

    A. Subpoint

          1. Details

          2. More details of the Subpoint

  B. Next Subpoint

        1. Details of the Subpoint

        2. More details of the Subpoint

III. Discuss the causes and symptoms

    A. Subpoint

          1. Details of Subpoint

          2. More details of the Subpoint

  B. Next Subpoint

        1. Details of the Subpoint

        2. More details of the Subpoint

IV. Discuss treatment and proliferation without treatment

    A. Subpoint

          1. Details of Subpoint

          2. More details of the Subpoint

  B. Next Subpoint

        1. Details of the Subpoint

        2. More details of the Subpoint

V. Conclusion & Future Research

    A. Closing

          1. Details of Subpoint

          2. More details of the Subpoint

  B. Future Research

        1. Details of the Subpoint

        2. More details of the Subpoint

VI.  APA Style in-text citations and references where appropriate, 10 points

unethical research

Complete the ethics training and do the following:

Looking at one of the articles you used in your literature review, address the following:
Which areas of ethics might have been of concern?
Describe what they did to be ethical researchers.
Explain what risks might their participants have faced.
Your study:
Which areas of ethics might be of concern for your study?
Describe what risks are there to your participants.
Explain what you will need to do to be ethically compliant.

Radiologic Technology

Answer the following questions in a personal essay.

1. Why you want to change to a career in healthcare – (laid off from social media marketing job in March 2020)
2. What interests you about working in Diagnostic Imaging as a career (come up with three different creative reasons)
3. Where do you see the future of x-ray technology going? Will Artificial Intelligence play a role? (Do research on this AI angle)
4. How will you (me) deal with the stress of a career where you are on call 24 hours day/night?
5. What are your long term and short term goals in this field? (long term to become a department head of Radiology in a hospital) (short term, get accepted into a 2-year x-ray tech program, I’m taking a full year of prerequisites in 2021.)

Please remember this is an essay, I am not looking for short answers. Answer the question yes, but please elaborate on your response on the “Why”

1″ margins and 1.5 line spacing)

Looking Backward

Imagine that we are in the future: the year is 2070. Around the world, much attention is focused on the 50 years since the pandemic of 2020. It is also the year you have decided to retire. An architecture student has contacted you as part of their professional practice class to ask you to reflect on the last 50 years. Remembering that you were once in Pro Practice, in about 3000 words you survey the architectural, technological, social, and cultural changes and how they affected your practice.

Your submission for the final can take the form of the transcript of a hypothetical interview, an actual interviewwritten or on video–that you do with a classmate, a single narrative essay, or a short story, similar to The Machine Stops.

While this is clearly speculative, whatever changes, inventions, and innovations you describe should have some grounding in reality. For example, if you think well be in flying cars, be sure to research the state of that technology. Because you will need to do some research to predict the future, you should be sure to cite your sources.

For some inspiration and a sense of temporal symmetry, look back 50 years to 1970. Look for thru-lines and surprises.

Proposal laying out how you intend to approach the assignment, i.e., media, method, and at least three sources or references you plan to use