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Covid 19 EUA

The FDA is working to develop and approve safe and effective therapeutic COVID-19 treatments.  The FDA established CTAP, the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program, to expedite the development of COVID-19 treatments.  A handful of treatments including Convalescent Plasma have been approved for emergency use authorization (EUA), but only one, Remdesivir, is approved for treatment. 

Choose a treatment, Convalescent Plasma or Remdesivir, research it and provide a summary of  the treatment.
Is it effective?  Based on your findings discuss your thoughts about its use, safety, and effectiveness thus far.

Assignment 7: Describe how Netflix uses collaborative filtering software to match movie titles with customer tastes? List the ways this software helps Netflix garner sustainable competitive advantage?

Describe how Netflix uses collaborative filtering software to match movie titles with customer tastes? List the ways this software helps Netflix garner sustainable competitive advantage?


Using the attached template and based on your text and supplemental reading, please address the question. Your response should have 3 to 5 properly constructed paragraphs with 3 to 5 properly constructed sentences per paragraph.

Remember spelling and grammar count as much as adequately addressing the question!

Upon completion, please name your assignment Yourname Unit 7 Assignment and submit to the Unit 7 Assignment dropbox.

covid 19 vaccine

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm.  Infections are on the rise across several regions of the US and scientists are predicting this winter will be challenging and deadly.  Currently, there are no approved treatments, but scientists are committed to delivering an effective COVID-19 vaccine.  This commitment includes expediting the process of developing the vaccine.  Research the drug/vaccine approval process in the US, and answer the following questions (don’t forget to site your sources).

Who is responsible for regulating vaccines in the US?
Identify and summarize one of the steps in the approval process.
Should this process be expedited? Explain?

Ethics case study

Read Case 1: Municipal Action on Food and Beverage Marketing in Youth found at this link

Step 1: Analyze the Ethical Dimensions of the Public Health Issue and Context

You direct the public health policy program for a large city health department. You have been asked to prepare a brief outlining the key public health considerations in this case. Your guidance has long-term policy implications because the city council will use your information as they make decisions about whether or not regulate corporate sponsorships in your city. Respond to the following prompts:

How will public opinion inform your briefing note?
Should a city department define rules for sponsorship? If so, which department? (You may want to look at the website for a local city to see what departments make up municipal government.)
How would your perspective as a parent enter into your professional decisions on this issue? How does your perspective as a citizen enter into your judgment?
Step 2: Formulate Alternative Courses of Action and Evaluate their Ethical Dimensions

Your briefing note will influence policy makers to make one of two choices:

Continue to accept sponsorship from Big Boss Burger and other local businesses, accepting their conditions, for example the requirement to use their logos.
Restrict the sponsorships of these businesses in some way.
Respond to these prompts:

What are the potential benefits and harms of continuing to accept the sponsorship if Big Boss Burger and other local businesses?
What are the potential benefits and harms of restricting sponsorship from local businesses like Big Boss Burger?
What are the ethical dimensions of each option?
Step 3: Provide Justification for a Particular Public Health Decision

For this step, your discussion team will communicate and decide together the answers to these questions. Your team can discuss and decide using your discussion board or you are welcome to set a time for your team to meet virtually through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Your groups are large so it might be challenging to find a time that works for everyone. If this is the case, please use the discussion board so everyone can weigh in on the decisions. One team member should make a final post on behalf of the team to share your team’s decision and justification.

What will you advise the city officials?  Formulate a clear statement such as “We recommend that the city allow/restrict sponsorships…”
What is the justification for your decision? (Which ethical principles take priority and why?)

Emerging Application of Technology (Consumer or Business).

This is what the professor says…You should have no more than a paragraph or two per annotation.    Your introduction to the annotated should be brief (maybe a paragraph or two) and include your sources of research.  I’ve seen successful AB’s that are literally 11 paragraphs (intro and 10 annotations). Another bit of guidance that may help is to make sure you provide relevant analysis points on the annotations.  A high level overview of the article won’t do that but hitting multiple points that would interest business leader from a security PoV will hit the mark for the full points.

How to move large groups of passengers through airport terminals quickly and efficiently.

Your assignment is to write a research paper regarding what many consider to be the number one challenge most airports face today; how to move large groups of passengers through airport terminals quickly and efficiently.  Focus on what key facilities are required, and on the ground access system.  Let’s hear some great example as well as some failed concepts such as mobile lounges, and talk about why they are great or why the evolution of airport operations caused them to die.

Based on material covered in the class, the student should identify the problem/situation, provide a resolution/approach, give a rationale to your approach and expected outcome/conclusion. This paper will be presented in APA format. The paper is graded on contents, grammar, and format. Minimum word should be 1000 words with a minimum of 3-5 outside references.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Introduction: set out general problem that design/product/concept (DPC) is intended to solve. – Provide a complete but concise description of the DPC you are analyzing. – Who is responsible for creating/producing/building the DPC? – What need is it intended to fill? – Who are the stakeholders (identify direct and indirect stakeholders)? b) Survey (no weights assigned) of potential benefits and potential drawbacks – 1-2 paragraphs summarizing potential benefits. – 1-2 paragraphs summarizing potential drawbacks. Part II: Critical Analysis a) Identify the most significant (two each at most) of the following: – Benefit – what is the most significant benefit and why? – Drawback – what is the most significant drawback and why? b) Apply virtue ethics: – Provide a mini-introduction to this section previewing the steps are you going to go through in the following paragraphs. – Analyze your topic from the perspective of neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics. This should include a discussion of eudaimonia as well as two (no more than three) virtues you think are most relevant. c) Position on the future of your topic – What is your position? Why? – If you are in favor of the DPC continuing, make sure you address the drawback you discussed in II a. That is, mitigating or eliminating this drawback should be part of your position. If you are against the DPC, explain how you will address the lost benefit mentioned in II a. d) Counterargument to your position (II c) and response – Spend at least one paragraph identifying and motivating the most serious counterargument/objection to your position. – Spend at least one more paragraph addressing this counterargument/objection. DPC is equal to tpic my opice is electric semi trucks i also alrady have the 8 sources i need i just need it put all together following the rules above i also have work to for the project

LSTD 2106 Ethics Critical Paper

This exercise is designed for you to demonstrate what you have learned so far about using the IRAC process to analyze issues that appear in a case scenario. Applying ethical principles learned in the text and lectures, discuss the scenario below. Use the IRAC structure to analyze the elements of ethics discussed in Chapter 5 of the textbook. Focus on the principles-based and consequences-based approaches to ethics. Specifically, in light of these two approaches, discuss the ethical implications of Joe Exotics dilemma

social media effects

Now that you have completed the second major unit of the course, it is important for you to be able to transfer what you have learned into other contexts. For your final major essay, you will be asked to apply some of the ideas and theories that we have discussed in class. So, for this short paper, write at least 500 words to describe, explore, and analyze two examples of how social media has affected society. Consider, for example, the effect of that news or social media (e.g., blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram), etc. have had on teens and adults.

At least 500 words
MLA Format

Alternate Food Sources

Alternate Food Sources

What you are going to do…

Do research on where you, yourself, might buy food other than your usual place.  Do this for the place in which you are currently living.  Sources might include farmer’s markets, the Oklahoma Food Coop, organic food clubs, etc.  List your sources including locations; how the food is delivered (or do you pick it up? How often?).  For farmer’s markets find out when they are open:  which months and which days of the weeks and times.  If you live in a very small town, with none of these alternate sources, what might you do if you wanted to acquire your food differently:  would you come to the city once a month for a Food Coop delivery, go down the road to a pick-your-own strawberry orchard? Online companies? I want you to identify specifics, not theoretical ideals. You must cite the food sources you will use, and I would expect at least three sources for a passing grade.

What you are going to write…

An essay up to 700 words long (but strictly no more) in which you:

Adequately cover all of the material described above. (Hint: Your total essay, including everything, should be close to 700 words in length but no more.) Use proper English grammar, spelling, and syntax to effectively communicate your research to me. Use clear logic in organizing and presenting your research, while staying on topic and focused on your task.
Effectively use an introductory paragraph to introduce the essay, and an effective summary paragraph to summarize it at the end.
Cite all references properly, both in the text and by using a Works Cited section after the summary paragraph. Include books, notes, articles, people with whom you talked, etc… using APA style ( (Links to an external site.)).
Double-space and use a readable 12 point font. Upload it to the proper Canvas assignment as an MS Word file.