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Choose your own essay in which you select a field and demonstrate how binary thinking can limit complexity of thought.

4-5 outside sources: A) select a specific research topic (it can be related to food and the farming industry but it does not have to). B) Compare and contrast at least two news articles concerning your topic (if the authors disagree on the issue you are researching, explain how they disagree). C) Utilize the Pollan essay and explain how complexity has benefitted the Polyface farm, then use this as a parallel to your research topic. D) Research and utilize at least one secondary academic source found in the library research assignment.

the original article is “The AIDS INC.” by Michael Pollan
the source I provided is the library research I want to be add-in.



After reading the Nutrition in Practice section on fad diets at the end of Chapter 7, discuss some of the characteristics of fad diets that lure people into trying them. What are the problems with fad diets? How can you know if an advertised diet is a scam? Have you or any of your friends or family tried a fad diet? What was the result?

Corporate Finance

Case study write-ups must include the following sections:
Introduction/Background: Introduce the case and provide brief background details to help setup
your analysis. This is also a good time to tell your reader how you plan to
Analysis: Provide data or other analysis to arrive at an informed recommendation or
Recommendation(s): Provide the reader with your recommendation(s) based on your wellreasoned analysis from the prior section. Be sure that the reader can follow your recommendations
from what you did in the Analysis section.
In addition, case study write-ups must be formatted using standard font sizing (11), margin sizing (1 inch),
and line spacing (not more than double spaced). Guidelines for completing the case study write-ups will be
available on the courses Blackboard site.

Case file and Case Study Questions are attached below please follow questions while writing

Domestic Business Plan

As an entrepreneur, you want to start a business. You know that the first step is to consider drafting a business plan to organize all of your ideas. For this assignment, you will be submitting a business plan for your imaginary business. For research purposes, you can choose any state for the location of your business. Your business plan should include the following:

Introduction of the proposed business/executive summary
The executive summary is often considered the most important section of a business plan.  This section briefly tells your reader where your company is, where you want to take it, and why your business idea will be successful.  If you are seeking financing, the executive summary is also your first opportunity to attract a potential investor’s interest.
The executive summary should highlight the strengths of your overall plan and therefore be the last section you write.  However, it appears first in your business plan.
Identify and describe the type of business entity that is best for your business.
Examples may include: partnership, limited liability company, corporation, etc. (For purposes of this assignment, you should NOT choose a sole proprietorship for your business entity.)
Defend your choice of business entity (this may include advantages/disadvantages of the selected type of business entity based on your business concept).
Describe the specific legal steps needed to be followed to successfully start the business.
Note: Steps will vary, depending on the type of business you choose and state you are located in.
Good sources of research for this area include the following:
Information on the business formation process can be found at: (Links to an external site.). The Small Business Administration website will be helpful; it includes information on how to start a small business.
Recommend and describe an appropriate written agreement for the particular type of entity chosen.
Examples: Articles of incorporation, articles of organization, partnership agreement, etc.
A draft of a valid contract with a vendor, supplier, customer, etc. that illustrates all elements of a contract and takes into consideration some of the topics discussed in Modules 6 and 7
Explain potential ethical considerations for your business, including any social responsibility plans or attitudes that your business will embrace.
Describe a possible disagreement that could be encountered among the partners or investors and shareholders. Recommend potential resolutions (referring back to the formal documents, such as the articles of incorporation or the partnership agreement).
Examples could include the introduction of a new product line, borrowing money for expansion, an advertising campaign, etc.
Determine how the business would be terminated if the disagreement between the board of directors, shareholders, or partners could not be resolved.
Your well-written plan should be 8-10 pages in length, not including the title or references pages.  Headings and subheadings may help you organize your work. Include at least four academic or other legitimate sources to support your findings, not including your textbook.  The MGT315 Business Law Library Guide ( can help you with finding quality resources.

plants-motifs are used in ceramic decorations

research and prepare  a Power Point 
presentation  describing the different ways plants-motifs are used in 
ceramic decorations for each section below.

1) 13th Century Mongol ( India) ( 10 Marks)
Wall Tiles
Decorative panels

2) 14th Century Islamic Chinese designs (10    Marks)
Wall Tiles
Decorative panels

3) 15th Century Safavids and Timurids Ceramic Styles (10  Marks)
Wall Tiles
Decorative panels

4) 14th 16th C Seljuk and Ottoman Ceramic styles (10  Marks)
Wall Tiles
Decorative panels

Content of the presentation:

The presentation should describe how    the    plants are used in    the style    design. ( You may want to use Color, Singular pattern, mirrored    patterns, radial patterns, etc.)

You  must provide examples for building, Interior, wall panel, dishes,    floor panels.
Find one research article (.pdf) on each style and integrate parts of that article into your presentation.

Add a bibliography to your style section.

Power Point should have:

describe the differences in how plants are used    in the composition,    color, pattern    formation, ( 1 slide)
Provide zoom in    details to show 
the differences, ( 1 full slide 6 detail zooms)
Provide a detailed research summary on the panel, ( 1 full slide of text) 
Provide evidences for the style in architecture, interior, dishes, wall panels, tile designs ( 2 Marks)
It is important to provide description for each slide for full marks. No discription 50% of the    mark will be deducted.
You may use more slides as needed to make an    excellent presentation.

The feasibility of creating woven and knit textile structures through 3D printing and modeling,

Answer the following questions based on the research paper you reviewed.

1.    Do the title and abstract reflect the content of the article adequately?

2.    Is the purpose of the research stated well?

3.    Is the significance of this research explained relative to the existing literature?

4.    Are there adequate references to other research?

5.    Is the article clearly written and well organized?

6.    Are there any typographical and syntactical errors?

7.    Is the length of the article appropriate for the draft stage?

8.    Does the article need to be proofread by a native English speaker?

9.    Is the language clear and jargon-free? Would it be accessible for someone from a different discipline?

10.    Does the paper offer new ideas and contribute to the development of the subject?

After thoughtful consideration, please choose one of the following recommendations:
    Minor revisions
    Major revisions

Please provide feedback to the author with specific suggestions for improvements. The feedback you will be providing is about one page. The document you will be reading is 5 pages. It’s not in an essay format. You will answer each of the questions

Create a table for Corona virus statistics in Saudi Arabia Enter the data into SPSS

1.Create a table for Corona virus statistics in Saudi arabia:
-Daily cases
-Daily recovery
-Daily death
-Total infection

2.Enter the data into SPSS

3.Perform statistical test:
a.Explore thedata
b.Descriptive statistics tables and graphs

4.Write explanation about each test. (Points)

The Medical Device Clinical Trials in Japan: Differences compared to the US

The idea of the PowerPoint slide is like doing a mini tutorial podcast to teach others about the topic that has already written in that report paper.

Do not waste your time spending time going over explaining a specific regulation because everyone can do research and read it. Instead, you should explain the topic and issue in further details.

Ask yourself that>> What is the most important take away massage of this presentation, what you want the audience to come away with after reading and listening to this presentation as well as reading the report paper? 
Then design the presentation according to that.
Do not just do the slide presentation but write a script under each slide in the note part. I will use that words for the speech.

This mini tutorial or podcast should take 5-7 minutes.
Be creative and use further images or pictures in each slides.

Put the strategic questions at the end of the presentation and in the note part, write how are you gonna ask them each question and short explanation answer from your opinion to answer each questions and the research you have done already.

The Positioning of Brands

The Positioning of Brands
Brand equity is a vital part of an organization. You will analyze an established company to
understand the factors influencing recognized brands and identify ways to influence change.
Course Objectives
Design effective marketing programs by selecting an appropriate product, price,
promotion, and place strategies.
Enhance the ability to make ethical decisions which apply to a marketing arena.
1) Save and print the Module 3 Analysis-Application PDF.
2) Create a presentation of 15-20 slides. Follow APA (6th editon) format for the references and
in-text citations.
3) Follow the directions to submit the presentation.
Step 1. Locate
Go to the Interbrand website found on the Learning Objects page and locate McDonalds
research information.
Step 2. Analyze
Analyze the reasons McDonalds has seen a decline in its brand value for the past several
years. Identify McDonalds positioning strategy. What differentiates McDonalds from its
Step 3. Create
Create an online presentation with 15-20 slides addressing the loss in brand equity
and the positioning statement for McDonalds. Identify any recent changes the
company has made to combat a decline in revenues.
Use online presenter resources compatible with Canvas. Include an introductory summary slide
and a references slide. Submit the presentation as a PDF. Include a link to the online version in
the comments box. Use APA to cite two or more peer-reviewed references in addition to
Marketing Management
2018 American College of Education 2
Step 4. Add
Add to the presentation in Step 3 ways to reposition the McDonalds brand? What changes
would you make to the menu? How would you attract more millennial consumers in the future?
Include a reference slide.
Step 5. Share
Upload a copy of the presentation and include a link to the online interactive version of the
comments section. Share the link with your peers in the Coffee Chat

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1) Reductions in Force – Surviving Employees

What impact can a reduction in force have on surviving employees?  How can a company communicate effectively with surviving employees?  Why is effective communication with surviving employees so important?

2) Reductions in Force – Preparing for Notification Meetings with Employees

What preparations should a company ideally make prior to meeting with employees to notify them that they are being laid off?

3) Reductions in Force – Avoiding Legal Risks

What are some ways a company can avoid legal risks when preparing for and executing a reduction in force?

4) Investigations – Choosing the Investigator

What are some factors a company should take into consideration when determining who should investigate a workplace complaint?

5) Investigations – Determining Credibility

What are some factors that an investigator should take into consideration to determine the credibility of the complainant, accused, and witnesses?