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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Student Scenario: Emotional Intelligence

Text of video: “I had been keeping up in class well, but recently had a fight with a coworker and was too angry to study for my math test last week. I got a bad grade on that test and I was pretty angry, so I decided not to go to class this week to cool off. Now I am feeling overwhelmed and behind, and in general, I just dont like the teacher. What should I do?”

Finally, respond to the following:

Mark is having trouble managing his emotions. What advice do you have for Mark? Give at least two detailed suggestions and explain how these will help.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

this topic going to be about a website like. amazon eBay  or any other website,
in this paper you will tell some information about the websites. and describe it
aslo the website must had been hacked in the past and who did it and how they took care of it. the fifth page shouldnt count cuz it will only have the references

Transforming Police Culture

it’s just a ten-minute video, you watch it, analyze it and give your opinion on what the video is about. also talk about what the video is about, only 1 page.

I’m not sure on how to upload the video, it’s a youtube video.

Transforming Police Culture | Lt. Richard Goerling | TEDxWashingtonSquare. its 10min long

Case Memo

The basic assignment is writing a case memo the way its shown in the template.  Nothing from the internet can be taken. all that is needed is the case study and the template to answer it. in the instructions i have attached the rubric, the template and an example case study and its case memo assignment already done. one of the main things for this memo is following the format and template strictly. the exhibit needs to include the decision matrix which needs to be made as well. an example of it is given in the example case and its example case memo. the exhibits should be worth at least 3 pages and when using anything from the exhibit it only has to be mentioned in the case memo which exhibit you are choosing to refer to and why, so on and so forth. the case that has to be used for this assignment is called Cooley Distillery which i have attached in the additional materials. I have also provided the grading rubric, how to write a case memo, the template that needs to be followed and an example case study and its case memo already done. This is a strategy class hence some strategic terms would be good. Also the case memo has to be super to the point and recommendations cant be opinions hence you cant say “i believe” or “In my opinion”. This is a very formal paper. Which has to be 1100 words of writing and then 3 pages of exhibits.

Please do not use the guide questions published from the case. The task of writing the case memo is follow the format and to make your recommendation.

America’s arab

Identify an example from popular culture (feature films, novels, poetry, music etc.) that talks about the diaspora experience of Middle Easterners in the West (e.g. Arabs in the US, Turks in Germany, Berbers in France…). Analyze this example in light of the material covered in Modules 6 and 7.

Please write a statement of about 100-200 words.


Organization: name, what does it do?
Access: what relationship do you have with the organization; how will you obtain information? What people and information can probably be used to research the organization, its issues, and its potential strategies for successful outcomes?
Where: where is the organization located? (it can be located anywhere in the world)
What: what is the current understanding about the nature of the problem, or issue, or decisions to be made? Why is some kind of transformation (probably) called for?
Who: who are key decision maker(s) or the strategic leadership team involved here?
When: what are the timing parameters – is this situation current, or sometime in the past or future?
Why: why is this issue important (or why should it be important) for the organization and its leaders?
Suggested length about 500 words

america’s arab

Identify an example from popular culture (feature films, novels, poetry, music etc.) that talks about the diaspora experience of Middle Easterners in the West (e.g. Arabs in the US, Turks in Germany, Berbers in France…). Analyze this example in light of the material covered in Modules 6 and 7.

Please write a statement of about 100-200 words.

Historical Analysis on The Revolutionary War

The goal of the compare and contrast assignment is to demonstrate that you understand that material, can do further research on the topic, form and opinion, and defend that opinion well. In this assignment, you will choose a side on the revolutionary war. You must choose wether or not the colonies should fight to be independent. This was a major debate in the colonies, as not everyone agreed that the colonies should be independent.

To begin the paper, a thesis statement should be clear in the introduction. For instance, the thesis statement of this paper would briefly state WHY you agree with the Patriots that the colonies should be independent.

In the body of the paper, explain how the colonies got to this point. (I.E, what events led up to the Revolutionary War). Explain the views of the patriots (those that want independence for the colonies) and the Loyalists (those who want to stay British Colonies.) After stating each sides position, you must decide whether you are a Patriot or a Loyalist. Be sure to explain your decision. Use historical evidence to back up your decision. See rubric for further details.

The paper should be four to five pages total, with the explanation of the positions of both sides and background being 2-3 pages, and analysis being 2-3 pages as well. Paper is Due February 28, 2020

In order to fully defend your position, it will be necessary for you to look for information outside of the textbook. Please include at least three sources, other than the textbook. Only one of the sources can be from the internet( Wikipedia is not acceptable). See the Chicago Manual of Style reference sheet posted on Angel for proper citation guides. A bibliography as well as parenthetical notations should be used. For any questions, see me or the Chicago Manual of Style reference sheet.

bambi a life in the woods by felix salten

For this paper, each student will choose one work of childrens literature that we have not read in class and that was written after 1900.  Think about the work and develop a thesis statement about it (think of the types of things we have discussed in class as we have analyzed books and stories).  Have evidence from the book to support this thesis.  For example, a thesis statement about Peter Pan could be, Peter Pan presents an interesting dichotomy as growing up is something that is both yearned for and feared.  You may use secondary sources to support your thesis, but it is not required.  This paper should be analysis of the book and your thesis, not a plot summary or a book review.  You should choose an individual book, not an entire series.  There is no length requirement for the work you choose, but there will need to be enough depth to the story for you to write 5-6 pages of analysis.  This may be difficult to do for a story that is only two pages long.


Product Management course

The dataset found in the excel sheet attached provides 1-month sample of obfuscated Google Analytics 360 data from the Google Merchandise Store, a real ecommerce store that sells Google-branded merchandise. Please see the ‘definition of terms’ tab for a complete list of all of the types of data in the “results…” tab. The data is typical of what an ecommerce website would see and includes the following information:

Traffic source data: information about where website visitors originate, including data about organic traffic, paid search traffic, and display traffic

Transactional data: information about the transactions on the Google Merchandise Store website.

From the given data, map out the following KPIs:

Revenue per city


Channel Grouping count

Revenue per category

Visits per visitor

(Note: there are 3 tabs in the attached document), be creative and do good quality here please!